[TRANS] B1A4’s Interview for Genie Music

Q. Please talk about how you feel about having come back.
Jinyoung: Hello. I am B1A4’s Jinyoung. B1A4’s 5th mini album SOLO DAY has been released. Because the fans have waited for us, we worked on this album with excitement and the hope to show everyone a better side to us. Please look forward to our stage as we have worked hard on preparing it.
Sandeul: It’s a comeback we’ve been looking forward to, so I’m excited and nervous. But I know that the fans will love this album, so we worked hard. Please give it a lot of love ㅎㅎ
CNU: Thank you to the fans who waited for us through this short yet long period of time. As much as you guys have waited, we will show you our hardworking side.
Baro: Even though I’m nervous everytime we release a new album, I think I am more excited to let everyone hear our new music. I want to greet and thank the fans who are always cheering for us, and hearing to B1A4’s music. And I want to hurry meet our fans.
Gongchan: I’m so curious as to what reaction will everyone have upon listening to SOLO DAY, and I’m excited. I’m so happy at the thought of being able to spend this humid summer with everyone.

Q. Please talk about SOLO DAY.
Jinyoung: If our previous album titled WHO AM I was an album that allowed us to look back on the direction of our music and position since debut, we worked on this album with the mindset of fulfilling another of our dreams. The title song SOLO DAY is a pop song with a country feel, and has a overall refreshing sound from the use of guitar. I think it’s the perfect song to listen to in summertime.
CNU: When I first saw the title, I immediately thought that it was a song for all the single people with no other half. But it doesn’t exactly mean that. I think it’s a song for the lonely people in the world – those who have broken up with their other half, or for some reason are feeling lonely. I hope you listen to it with a broader mindset.
Sandeul: That’s right. I hope SOLO DAY becomes a new date to celebrate. It’s a song that is filled with B1A4’s positivity. It will make you hum along to it, so I hope everyone who listens to this song will only be met with happy things.
Baro: And in this album we included a variety of song genres that we had not tried before. There are songs that are refreshing and suitable for summer time, so please listen to all the songs without missing any one of them.
Gongchan: If you listen to the album from beginning to end, you will probably think that it is music that is good to listen to in summer time. I hope you will spend this humid summer with B1A4’s music no matter where you go.

Q. I heard that the B1A4 members personally worked on this album. Which songs did you participate in?
CNU: We worked on all the songs in this album. I am really happy to be able to continue to show everyone our (musical) style. Following up from SEOUL and DRUNK ON MUSIC in our 2nd full length album, I participated in the song DRIVE from this album.
Baro: All the songs in this album were composed, penned and produced by us. Jinyoung and CNU hyung composed and wrote lyrics, while I helped in writing lyrics. We tried to show everyone B1A4’s variety so I hope you listen to all the songs.
Jinyoung: Not just composition and lyric writing, the members were all involved in this starting from recording till the end. When recording, we direct each other and talk about the song. The production process is very enjoyable. There is no song that hasn’t been touched by the members, so please give them a lot of love.

Q. An interesting episode that happened while working on this album?
Jinyoung: It’s not an interesting episode, but at the last filming of our music video, a camera fell into the pool. I recall we were all worried and nervous about all the content we had filmed would all disappear. The camera was also expensive so the mood at the filming location was very tense. But thankfully the camera was alright and I think the music video came out nicely.
CNU: There is a rap that Baro wrote for DRIVE, but there was something lacking about it so I recall we used a different rap when recording. In the end we fixed it with the original rap, but because of it Baro had to go through some difficulties. But thanks to it, I think a better end product was achieved and everyone was satisfied.
Sandeul: There is a scene which we filmed with a puppy. Jinyoung hyung had a scene with the puppy. As if they agreed upon it, both of them turned their heads in the same direction when a pretty lady walked past. I think that was the most interesting and amazing episode.
Baro: It was a first for us to film our music video in USA. We loved the sunlight in the desert and the bench, so we would soak up in the sun whenever we could and ended up getting so tanned. I think this summer will be a summer where I will have a healthy bronze tan.
Gongchan: I had a carefree vagabond concept, so I filmed with a hairpiece in vintage clothes. During a break of our filming, I was leaning against a streetlight. 2 foreigners walked past me and gave me $2.

Q. You seem to be very busy recently, Baro. Did you encounter any difficults while working on the album?
Sandeul: He’s the kind who would stay up overnight to do what he needs to do. So I think he worked on the album without much difficulties.
Gongchan: I thought ‘as expected of Baro hyung’, whenever I saw him work on the album whenever he had time.
CNU: He’s always lifting the mood wherever he is, so he is B1A4’s energizer. Should I say that he’s very praiseworthy?
Baro: The members always make up for the things I’m lacking of in twice the amount, so I always feel very assured. I just wanted to tell them that I am very proud and thankful for them always doing their best in their individual enviroments.

Q. What does B1A4 want to show everyone through this album?
Jinyoung: I want to show everyone us maturing a little bit more with every album, and the wide variety of music B1A4 seeks to make. So I hope many people will become happier listening to our music.
CNU: I want to be a group that people will look forward to seeing the future. I want to meet the anticipation that people who listen to our music have that we will improve bit by bit, and make music that will make people anticipate our next album.
Sandeul: I want to show everyone the positive energy of B1A4, and a musical style that belongs solely to us through participation of composing and writing in all of our songs.
Baro: I want to show off a different charm to us each time, while giving off a friendly feeling through a variety of songs.
Gongchan: I want the people who listen to our music think that we are idols with different sides to us, and become a group that leaves a lasting memory.

Q. What music does B1A4 enjoy listening to usually?
Jinyoung: Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good. I really like the lyrics. When I listen to it, it feels like I’m right about to fall in love.
CNU: Not long ago Robin Thicke released a new album, and I enjoy listening to it. I also search for latest news about Mariah Carey.
Sandeul: It’s different for me time to time, but recently I am enjoying a song by the name of Somo-Ride.
Baro: I want to recommend David Guetta’s Shot Me Down!
Gongchan: I am enjoying Pentatonix’s album recently. They are a mixed acapella group. Please listen to their album ‘ptx. vol.2’.

Source: GENIE
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[TRANS/ENG] 140223 Jinyoung and CNU for SINGLES Magazine March 2014 Issue

Q. What do you think is the reason only both of you are doing the shoot today?
Jinyoung: I think it’s because both of us are the hyungs in B1A4.
CNU: I think so too. They probably came up with this combination of the eldest hyungs…
Q. How was it?
CNU: I think it’s nice. The fans like the combination of the two of us. It’s the first time we’re shooting alone so it’s interesting and a different experience.
Jinyoung: The concept in itself is interesting.
Q. After ‘sprout-dol’ and ‘countryside-dol’, they are now calling you ‘trend-dol’ and ‘boyfriend-dol’.
Jinyoung: I feel like all of these changes with time. In the beginning we had a fresh green image hence the nickname ‘sprout-dol’. I like that as time passed, people felt us to be like ‘boyfriend-dol’.
CNU: But of course, it does become a burden. The word ‘trend’ has huge meaning to it. To be honest there is the sense of responsibility and burden to have to live up to that name.
CNU: We have heard the nickname ‘trend-dol’, but I don’t think of it often. It may turn into narcissism so I try not to think of it on purpose.
Jinyoung: Instead of calling us the trend for real, I think people just look at us cutely (laugh).
Q. The new album in general does not have an idol-like feeling.
CNU: It is a pity that from some point in time there is a prejudice towards idols. We debuted with the title of a singer, and in our own ways we are promoting with the mindset of musicians. But then there is the viewpoint by which we are evaluated with the standards of idols. It’s a pity but at the same time a stance that we have to take in stride. I think it’s a problem for us to solve in time to come. We will show everyone the artiste side to us.
Q. Are songs such as the title song Lonely, Baby or Pretty made from your own love stories?
Jinyoung: Haha (laugh). It is made up with our own experiences and the stories that we hear. There are also many love stories that I indirectly experience by watching movies. The lyrics of Baby Goodnight is a good example. It is the story of a guy who greets his girlfriend good night on the phone and heads out to the club after. That is not my own experience. Because there are things that I hear and see around me (laugh). It is a very possible thing.
CNU: I think I get a lot of inspiration from the things I have experienced personally. Honestly it’s not like I have experienced a lot and it’s also been some time since they happened, but I tend to recall them for when I write songs and compose lyrics. The song Seoul this time is also a song filled with my emotions. It’s a story about the fans.
Q. There are many self-composed songs in this album too.
Jinyoung: They are not my solo songs so I accept the opinions of the other members too. We tend to have a meeting together to decide on the direction of a song, or the concept of the album. It may not turn out well if there is too much of only my thoughts. I am very cautious about that. To be honest there have been occasions where I push ahead with my own thoughts. Of course there are pros when I do so, but there are definitely also cons.
CNU: That’s right. No matter what, it is necessary to get the opinions of the members from the start so as to have it in the proper direction.
Q. Is there a possibility that both of you will promote as a duet unit group?
CNU: Oh~ That’ll be nice. It’ll be interesting. Eldest hyung-line? The genre of music that we like is quite similar. Both of us like R&B hiphop. I think we will be able to show everyone a different side to us if we promoted as a unit by combining the genres that we like.
Jinyoung: It’s not an entirely impossible thing.
CNU: I have ever mentioned on a Japanese program that it will be interesting to come up with an album as a duet. There are several possible combinations in our group. It’s possible that the both of us do it, or I do it with someone else. I think it’ll be interesting for us to come up with a collaboration album by forming different combinations amongst the members.
Q. How is communication with your entertainment agency?
Jinyoung: They take into consideration a lot of our opinions, because we tend to give a lot of them… I think we communicate well with each other.
Q. What’s the possibility of being an ‘acting-dol’?
Jinyoung: Possible. I see all five of us as having the ability to act. We all have very different charms so I look forward to see which field of acting will we go in.
Q. ‘Suspicious Granny’ has surpassed the 5 million mark. Did you expect it to do this well?
CNU: I knew it would do well. I knew after hearing who was cast, and I knew after hearing a little of the content from Jinyoung. It was refreshing and interesting. The director is also an amazing person.
Jinyoung: (in a tiny voice) I knew it would do well too (laugh).
Q. What genre or role would you like to try next?
Jinyoung: Romance! I want to try expressing a proper and strong love story.
CNU: I have ever said this before… The role of a father.
Q. This early?
CNU: I don’t know. We had an indirect experience of raising a kid through our reality program ‘Hello Baby’ two years back. Doing that program made me think a lot about the existence of a father.
Q. Are you ‘lonely’ recently?
Jinyoung, CNU: Lonely… (laugh).
CNU: It’s lonely.
Q. You’re 24 years old, you should be dating.
CNU: Dating? I’m not in a relationship right now. I have no choice. I’m not dating anyone now so I have to say I’m not.
Q. What kind of person do you want to date?
Jinyoung: I have a very detailed ideal type. In the past I was going up the stairs at the subway, and I saw a lady help a grandmother carry her bags. At that time I thought that that was something everyone should be going. But right now it looks very charming. That lady had short hair. Ever since then I have liked girls with short hair. My ideal type is an elegant lady with short hair.
CNU: This kind of question is really tough. Even though I have always answered this question with “a lady like my mother”…
Q. That’s very abstract, I’m not seeing your point.
CNU: I like a girl who is strong like my mother. But she cannot have a wild personality. She cannot swing me around violently just because she’s strong – she has to embrace me warmly. On the other hand, I like a tenderhearted girl who makes me want to hug her. A lady who is strong but soft instead, so that I can lean on her and hug her as well.
Q. You’re having concerts in March and April right?
CNU: We have spent time since last year thinking that spring means concerts. Next week is the Seoul show, March Busan and April Japan. I really like concerts. A concert in itself is very meaningful, but the more I do them the more interesting it gets. That entire space only has us and our fans. They are people who come because they like us. So I just really like it and I am so happy. Since it’s the first concert we’re holding after releasing our second full length album, it will be done mainly around the new songs. You will be curious as to how we will perform the new songs live since we have never performed them on stage apart from the title song. It’ll be good if you looked forward to our first live performance. We also tend to add musical elements in the middle, and this time we are doing so with a live band. It’ll be good to anticipate it.
Q. I heard you only slept a couple of hours today, trying to prepare for the concert?
Jinyoung: Yes. When we get less busy, I want to go to the movie theatres and watch 3 movies in a day. Not only do I like watching movies, I only like to eat popcorn.
CNU: What shall I do… A thoughtless drive?
Q. While sharing coffee with someone next to you?
Jinyoung: That is a leading question (laugh).
CNU: It’ll only be alright if there’s someone next to me right? I’ll probably get a girlfriend in future.
Q. I heard there’s some things that you haven’t gotten to say to each other?
CNU: There’s a lot…
Jinyoung: I have always thought that I should carry the burdens because I am the leader. But because CNU has helped me so much that I have come this far comfortably. Recently I think we have not been able to talk to each other frankly, so we have decided to have a serious talk together. (While looking at CNU) Let’s open the package of talks soon (laugh). Both of us tend to talk about the past, because we have a similar bond of sympathy.
CNU: Me too. We’ve spent a lot of time together… I think it’s been about 5 years that we spent together. It’s long, but it is also short.
Jinyoung: That’s right. That’s like a quarter of my life? A fifth?
CNU: Even though we think that we know a lot about each other… If you think about it there are many things that we might not know. As he said, we have to talk more so as to get to know each other better. Even if we have a lot of honest conversations with each other now. There is so much to talk about everyday. There are many things we want to tell each other while promoting too. And Jinyoung is really busy as the album producer. He was busy with having to produce the album and film for the movie at the same time. It is really cool to see how he splits his busy time as so to work hard and not lose both acting and music. I just wanted to say you’ve worked really hard. ♥





Source: shindongwoo.com

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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[TRANS/ENG] 140224 B1A4 for StarM Magazine March 2014 Issue

Q. You are receiving a lot of love while getting first place on music broadcasts and music charts for your second album. It’s a happy start to 2014, how do you feel?

CNU: It’s complicated. I am happy and I feel good but I wonder if it’s right for us to be getting first place, and I also wonder if this is all just a dream.

Jinyoung: I feel really good since we’ve had such a good start to the year. I had the thought that we’ll have to work even harder if we want to make something out of that start.


Q. Did the feeling of ‘this is gonna make it big’ come to you when you were composing the song?

Jinyoung: Honestly I was very worried. It was not a fast-paced impactful song but a calm song, so I was worried whether it would be able to give an impact. Thankfully it fit well with the seasons, and the general public and fans listened to it kindly.


Q. Was there no sign that you guys would make it big?

Jinyoung: When we were filming our music video, it wasn’t snowing so we had to resort to using artificial snow. But the moment we started filming snow started to fall. Thanks to it the music video came out really prettily. We thought, “Oh? Is it trying to make this album a good one?” because we got so much help from the snow (laugh)


Q. Wah~ Even the heavens helped.

Baro: The heavens really helped!

CNU: We really did not expect it to snow for real (laugh).


Q. The biggest contributor to your first places seems to be your fans. Their support is amazing. When do you best feel the love of the fans?

CNU: Every moment we feel it. Recently I feel it from various mediums such as SNS. I read every mention I get and I really feel the love from the fans. And whenever I see the fans who come support us when we go on broadcasts, I realize that we are receiving love.

Baro: I get a lot of strength reading the messages of support on the Internet.


Q. On the other hand, when is it that you think of the fans the most?

Baro: After we see the fans waiting out front of the broadcast stations when we go in for filming. We’re going in after we see how they’re shivering from the cold outside so I feel sorry when the filming drags out for too long.


Q. Even right now they’re waiting outside with their placards.

CNU: I’m worried that they might catch colds. It’s not like we can ask them not to come, so what can we do…


Q. The album this time is like a giftset with its variety of genres and stories. I think it’s filled with the stories the members wanted to tell. What was the story you most wanted to tell and show?

Jinyoung: Naturalness. When I write songs, I express the emotions and situations from when the members are discussing about it. Instead of wanting to show or express something on purpose, I wanted to show everyone our natural emotions.

CNU: I wanted to talk about our thoughts and feelings. I wanted to express them in a variety of ways. The reason the album has the concept of a magazine is not only because of the songs but also because we wanted to fill it up with a variety of stories. There are some things that we have written in the form of interviews. Through that we hoped that the fans will be able to know what we were thinking of. The stories of what people our age would be doing now. Because we wanted to talk about what kind of people we are, so we went with WHO AM I for the album title.


Q. There is a definite change in your fashion style too.

CNU: The concepts of the previous albums were bright so we wore clothes with a variety of colours. But Lonely, like WHO AM I, has a serious image to it so we decided to show a simplistic style.


Q. What kind of style do you dress up in usually?

Gongchan: I like achromatic colors so I mainly wear black colors neatly.

Baro: I mix and match what I have. I mix them up according to what I feel like that day.

Sandeul: I like dressing up comfortably.

CNU: He dresses up too comfortably (laugh).

Sandeul: I want to dress up but it doesn’t work out well. So I decided to just dress comfortably (laugh).

CNU: I think Sandeul looks better dressing comfortably than dressing flashily. I have a lot of dark colored clothes, and recently I like neat suit styles. I also enjoy dressing hiphop style.

Jinyoung: I like clean styles, like a coat. I am someone who tries out different things. When I was in middle and high school I really liked street fashion. But as I get older I prefer a clean style. But who knows when that’s gonna change again (laugh).


Q. Jinyoung and Baro wrote the lyrics to title song ‘Lonely’. How did it come about?

Jinyoung: It was a feeling (laugh). When I made that song, the weather was turning cold and my heart was cold too (laugh). I think I felt a little lonely. I made the song by infusing what I felt then, while thinking about past memories.

Baro: Once I heard the explanation of the song from Jinyoung hyung, I immediately knew what to do. I looked out of the window thinking about this and that, and it came out as I was scribbling. There was no pressure of having to write it quickly; I wrote it feeling the melancholy mood.


Q. Jinyoung, you wrote it based on personal experience?

Jinyoung: Yes. But there’s a slightly different part. The truth behind the lyrics ‘I wanted to eat with you but you’re no longer around’ is that it was not rice, but pizza. I used to frequent a pizza place with a girlfriend last time. But the second day after we broke up I went to that pizza place with my friends and it felt so different. The person I’ve always eaten with is suddenly gone and I was so lonely. I had friends next to me but I felt lonely. It was really nice when I ate with my girlfriend… But I’m not saying that I don’t like my friends (laugh).


Q. Does everyone have dating experience?

CNU: I do, but it’s a long time ago (laugh).

Jinyoung: Only Gongchan doesn’t.


Q. What kind of relationship does Gongchan want to have then?

Gongchan: A ordinary love. I want to walk along the streets and watch movies with my girlfriend… That’s the hardest thing to do now (laugh).


Q. When is a girl at her prettiest?

Gongchan: When your girlfriend is annoyed, you have to make it better right? I think for some reason she’ll be really cute and pretty when she’s complaining. Even though I haven’t been in a relationship before, it’s always so cute in the movies and dramas (laugh).

CNU: I think a lady who is always smiling brightly is charming.

Sandeul: A person who is concentrating on her work, and a person who has a lonely backview.

CNU: That’s unique. You actually like a lonely looking backview! (laugh)

Baro: She will look pretty when she has a charm of her own. I find that when a girl does not fake her reactions, actions or words it feels attractive.

Jinyoung: A girl with a beautiful heart.


Q. A girl with a beautiful heart?

Sandeul: For example, someone who gives up her seat in the subway.

Jinyoung: Yes. She will look beautiful if she knows how to respect her elders and have a beautiful heart.


Q. When are you the most lonely?

Jinyoung: I tend to enjoy being lonely. The feeling of being lonely. I like the feeling of being sentimental. I may not be really lonely, but I like the emotions that come from thinking about things from the past.

Sandeul: I am similar with Jinyoung hyung. I really like the feeling of being lonely. You know there are times where one wonders, “what am I doing here?” When I get lonely, I’d rather look out the window than to tell someone that I’m lonely. I like being alone and thinking “What is this? What is this feeling?”. I want to feel those emotions often.

Baro: I don’t really feel it when we have many schedules, but I feel it often when we don’t have schedules or I am on a personal schedule. Usually I’m always with the members, and the staff and fans are around me nearby so I’m not lonely. But I feel the loneliness when I finish a personal schedule on my way back in the car.

Gongchan: I don’t think I have ever been lonely. If I’m with the hyungs it’s always interesting… Should I call it a happy virus? Unknowingly I laugh and it’s fun and interesting (laugh).


Q. Gongchan you must have a very optimistic personality.

Gongchan: Is that so? Naivety (laugh). I’m never been lonely while I’m with the hyungs.


Q. Who is the person who gets very lonely often?

CNU: I think it’s me. I am always lonely (laugh). There are times that my heart is just empty. It’s not the loneliness from not been able to meet someone of the opposite sex, but occasionally I get the feeling that I am all alone in this world. That is why in order not to feel lonely, I always hold the members’ hands whenever we go somewhere (laugh).


Q. What is the secret to your great teamwork?

Baro: I think it’s communication. We are talkative, and we like to chat. Before we debut, we would gather on the weekends and talk. But since we don’t have time now, we do in whenever we have time. Otherwise we would talk over meat or supper after our schedules, or while watching TV. As time passes I think it gets stronger.


Q. Do you not have conflicts in opinions?

CNU: Of course there are, but we solve all that through communication.

Baro: We try to match each other as we talk. In the past it used to talk a long time, but because we’ve spent so much time together our thoughts become similar. We now gather opinions very quickly I think (laugh).


Q. There are a lot of schedules now so you spend a lot of time travelling. What do you do in the car, or when you’re waiting around?

Baro: In the car we sleep. In the waiting room, we fool around and take. We also talk about things regarding the performance after we get off stage. We talk a lot.


Q. What’s the conversation about recently?

CNU: It varies. Of course amongst a bunch of guys we do talk about girls. Recently we talk about games too.

Baro: The movie which Jinyoung hyung participated in was recently released. We talk about the number of people who have watched it (laugh).

CNU: The topics vary. Generally it’s about album promotions. We are really happy when the fans monitor our promotions and give us feedback. There are positive and negative reponses, but we discuss them, thinking of it as interest in us.


Q. You said that through this album, you wanted to think about who you are. What do you think of ‘WHO AM I’?

Jinyoung: I am a positive person. Whenever I start doing something, I think ‘I can do it’. Instead of thinking ‘I don’t think I can do it’, I tend to challenge it by saying ‘I think I can do it’. By thinking so I think I get less stress from doing it.

CNU: I think it’s still difficult for me to tell you who am I. I think there are still a lot of sides to me that I don’t know yet. I think it’s difficult to define myself as a person in a sentence.

Sandeul: I think of myself as a person with unlimited possibilities. I feel like I can do well in anything. There are many things that I have not experienced but if given the chance I want to try them out, and I have the confidence I can do them well.

Baro: I am also not too sure about myself, but the people around me usually say that I am delicate inside and I have a lot of affection. I only like the things I like, and I really dislike the things I dislike. I think I am like a blood type B in that sense.

Gongchan: I think I am a person who likes challenges. I want to try the things I’ve never done before if the opportunity arises, and I want to challenge it and win against myself.


Q. What is it that sustains you to be the person you are?

Jinyoung: Myself. My willpower. The thought that I cannot collapse. I have the thought that I cannot lose my focus. There are times that it is dangerous. But I have the willpower that I can strengthen myself. I like that attitude about myself.

CNU: I think it’s music. By a stroke of luck we are able to create an album with the music we make. To be honest, just for this I am very thankful. There is a music for us to express ourselves, and music is a way for us to tell that to the people of the world. I think I am expressing myself well through music so I think music is most like myself.

Sandeul: Mirror. I fall into slumps very often. I get lonely very often, even though that might be even more so because I like being lonely. But during those times I look into the mirror. There seems to be something that I have kept inside in. That’s why I get a lot of strength when I look into the mirror.

Baro: Opportunities. I feel that opportunities don’t come easily, and that it is also luck that you can make good use of the opportunity. It is all because of opportunities that we are able to do music, become singers, and even go into acting. We don’t know what opportunities are going to knock on our doors in future, and when those opportunities will disappear. In order not to miss out on those opportunities we are always preparing. So I consider the thing that sustains me to be opportunities.

Gongchan: Our fans sustains me. Whenever I’m tired and worn out, I gain strength from reading the letters or messages on SNS. Whenever I see people uploading pictures of us or pictures with us, I am so thankful for the love and that helps me gain strength. I am always thankful to the fans. I am so thankful whenever I see from on stage the fans cheering and supporting us, and sorry that I cannot do more for them.


Q. Jinyoung and Baro challenged acting last year and received positive feedback. You’re acting and doing music at the same time, it feels like it would have a synergistic effort. How is it?

Jinyoung: I do not think of acting and music as different. On stage, you’re expressing the lyrics and emotions of the music. The script when acting is just like lyrics. I am learning acting through music, and music through acting. It’s beneficial for both sides.

Baro: Thanks to the movie and drama, the age groups of our fans have diversified and they have given much love to our album this time. I think it is effective in letting more people know about us.


Q. How are the members’ reactions when they see your acting?

Jinyoung: They are really good at monitoring. I went with the members to watch my movie once more not long ago. They gave me a lot of honest feedback, so I felt really satisfied that I have so many reliable supporters.


Q.  I think it’s awkward for both the person acting and the people watching because you guys are so closed.

CNU: Very awkward.

Baro: It’s awkward if I’m watching it.

Jinyoung: There is a scene where I put on makeup, and the members kept laughing at it. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t watch that scene (laugh).

CNU [T/N: I believe they labeled it to be the wrong person…]: You cannot ignore the person’s image even when they’re acting, especially when we are so aware of Jinyoung hyung’s image. We were so embarrassed watching the scene where Jinyoung hyung has white face makeup in the middle of the movie (laugh). It was just an element of the movie, but we were so engrossed that we went ‘Why is he acting like that?’. We are also very proud of him (laugh).

Jinyoung: (laugh)


Q. Baro got a lot of attention with drama Reply 1994. You have been casted in new drama God’s Gift, which is to be broadcasted soon. What kind of image will you be showing us?

Baro: I will be playing the role of a intellectually disabled person in their 10s. Their IQ is that of a 5~6 year old. The director told me to only say this much (laugh).


Q. What kind of preparations have you been doing?

Baro: I prepared to my best ability to show the director, and I got the vote of approval. He said I could do it the way I am doing now. For more details, please watch the drama… (laugh).

CNU: I think Baro has felt a great sense of responsibility after being casted for this role. He is taking a lot of caution not to cause any inconveniences to the intellectually disabled. We’re looking forward to it because he’s preparing so hard.


Q. What do you want to challenge to do in 2014?

Jinyoung: I want to go to every member’s hometown and do a hometown concert. Firstly, we have confirmed our Busan concert to be in March. To have a concert tour around the members’ hometowns has been a dream that we definitely want to try so I hope it becomes reality.

CNU: Last year we worked hard towards concerts, so we have not been able to greet everyone with albums more. I want to meet everyone with more albums this year. It was really interesting to take part in lyric writing for this album, and I feel really satisfied. It makes me want to try a variety of genres every album. Please look forward to it.

Sandeul: I want to find an instrument that matches well with me and learn it. I feel that it will help me with promotions if I knew how to learn an instrument. There are many fans who want to see me handle an instrument too. I want to learn an instrument and show it to everyone during our country-wide tour.

Gongchan: I want to meet our fans overseas regularly. A few days ago on TV I saw that people in Chile gather to make friends and talk about us. I was so amazed that there are people who love us even in places that we have never gone to before. I want to hurry go meet them.

Baro: Every year I plan on something but I fail to do them. I want to study English hard this year. I really want to do a world tour. I intend to study hard so as to be able to communicate with the overseas fans more naturally.


Q. From when onwards?

Baro: I will start immediately after we end this interview (laugh).


Q. Finally please say something to your fans.

Jinyoung: I don’t know how to repay all the love you always shower on us. I think we can only work even harder to show you a better side of us. May everything work out well for you in 2014, and please always be healthy.

CNU: There may be things that will occasionally cause the fans who like us to get hurt. We’re not going to see each other just once or twice, but we are lifetime companions so please stay strong and overcome those things. I hope we can do so together for a long long time.

Sandeul: I’m very worried about the fans who wait for us in this cold weather till wee hours at night. Please dress warmly if it’s cold when you come see us. Because I want to see you too (laugh). I want to show everyone the side of us on stage, so please come and see our performances often.

Baro: These are all things that we did not expect: win first place, attain triple crown, have the movie and dramas we were casted in do well, have a follow up album. Because there have been only good news, I think our fans are even happier than we are. Those who have been with us since debut say it feels like they’re raising children. I think The future will also be filled with such good things too. And for that to happen, we will work hard. We will show you even better things and make it so that there will only be happy occasions, so please trust and follow us.

Gongchan: More important than anything else, health is the most important so please eat 3 meals every day. Please stay healthy!





Source: blog.naver.com/montazzang

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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[ENG/TRANS] B1A4′s interview on Allure Korea Magazine February Issue – Gongchan

Q: You transformed into David Bowie. How was it?
Gongchan: Noona who did my make up asked me that too. It was awkward yet interesting because it was my first time doing this kind of photoshoot.
Q: What is Gongchan’s charm as a model?
Gongchan: It is certainly different from being on stage. I expressed myself with my face and mimics instead of dance and song. I was amazed to see my face which I had not known.
Q: Your second album “WHO AM I” was released. Did you like the title song “Lonely”?
Gongchan: I liked it. There is no need for words because Jinyoung hyung made it. My favorite song from the album? There is a duet by me and Sandeul hyung which is called “Too Much”.
Q: Which member do you want to form a sub-unit with?
Gongchan: I want to do it with all of my members since all the members have different charms.
Q: What music do you listen these days?
Gongchan: I guess it is because of winter that I want to listen to ballad filled with emotions. I listen to Urban Zakapa’s new album “3” nowadays.
Q: I heard that you love taking photos. What was your latest photo taken by you?
Gongchan: I took photos of members. I think that I need to remain our images at any moment. The images while studio recording, while resting at home.
Q: Did members help you while photoshoot?
Gongchan: I wanted to look natural but whenever I heard the cameraman, I posed without me knowing.
Q: How do you spend your allowance?
Gongchan: I spend my money on food. Especially for chicken.
Q: What program are you interested in?
Gongchan: I watched “Secret” and “The Heirs”.
Q: What is your wish for 2014?
Gongchan: I want to ravel our country with no money. Only with a backpack, riding bicycle. It makes me happy just to think about it.
source: Allure Korea Magazine
eng trans cr: kamile @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com

please take out with full credits and the translator!