CNU tweeted

불꺼놓고 뭐하나 했더니 저런 표정으로 그.사.세 보고 있다. 소리지르며 준영이를 부르고 난리났음. pic.twitter.com/l4ajqEJeCo

I was wondering what they were doing with the lights off, but they were watching “The World They Live In” with that kind of expression. They’re screaming while calling out for Joonyoung and are just going crazy.


Sandeul replied CNU

@B1A4_CNU: ㅎㅎ이걸 왜 찍었대!표정보니 지오선배와 준영이 나오는 장면이였나봐요~대사도 너무 좋고 재미있어요~난중에 형도 봐요~~

@B1A4_CNU: ㅎㅎ Why did you take a picture of this! Looking at the expressions, it seems like it was the scene where Ji-oh senior and Joonyoung appear~ The lines are so good and it’s fun too~ Hyung, watch it later too~~


Sandeul tweeted

신산 디제이 어땠나요~~?ㅎㅎ

How were the DJs, ShinSan~~? ㅎㅎ

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