[MAGZ][12P] B1A4’s pictorial for AtStar1 Magazine September Issue

201408211650267910_1_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_2_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_3_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_4_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_5_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_6_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_7_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_8_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_9_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_10_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_11_99_20140829140605 201408211650267910_12_99_20140829140605


reup cr: lemoned @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com

please take out with full credits!

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