[TRANS/FANCAFE] 150423 B1A4 4th Anniversary – CNU


Hello everyone, This is Shinwoo. It’s been a while since I posted in the Fancafe.
Finally it’s B1A4′s fourth debut anniversary. Already four years, time sure flies. It’s a night for me to think about all that has happened over the past 4 years.
Our debut stage filled with our ambitions and anxieties, our first fansign of expectations and excitement, worries and curiosity, our first concert with feelings of fear, our world tour that allowed us to realize just how thankful we are… when I think about it now, it really amazes me that we have been able to do all of these things. At the same time, I feel so thankful for all of the people who have allowed these things to even happen for B1A4.
Our WM family that helped shape and refine us to become stars… CEO-nim, chairman, all the staff members… there are countless people who have worked hard to help make B1A4 shine. Through this post I wanted to state my thanks.
In what feels like just a blink of the eye, 4 years have passed by. Because BANA have been there, it is such a special time that I will never forget. Whenever I’m happy or sad, I have gained strength because BANA have been by our side. I also trust that you feel the same way.
I think that what happens from now on is very important. From this point onward there will be many happy moments, and some moments of sadness or hurt. What I’m sure about is that, like we have made it through these past 4 years, if we enjoy these upcoming times it will all remain as a good memory in the end. If we smile with each other when we’re happy and lean on each other when we’re sad, if we are always together then I’m positive that it will all remain as a good memory. I wish for us to look back in the far future and be able to smile proudly at ourselves.
For the past 4 years I am so thankful. Let’s be happy in the future too~!
From, Shinwoo

(p.s CNU wore a t-shirt and held a DVD from Bana International United’s project, it was a project to celebrate B1A4’s 4th Anniversary)

Source: Fancafe
Original credit: bethe1all4one
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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[TRANS] 150316 B1A4’s Fancafe Messages



Jinyoung: Thank you so much for coming today. Experiences I will never forget~ let’s start making them~♥

CNU: Today’s fan meeting was so enjoyable~! Thank you for waiting during all that time, and let’s make more good memories together from now on~!

Sandeul: Bana Bana~~ Because we were together today~ it was so nice~♥ Bana too~? Me too~♥ Heart Pyong! Pyong! Before you sleep you must think about us!! Must~♥ Let’s hug in your dreams~♥♥♥ Bye~!!

Baro: Bana~! For waiting like this, and for coming, thank you so much~♥ Let’s continue to be close like this for a long time!!!

Gongchan: Thank you so much for coming to today’s fan meeting. It was amazing right? The 3rd one will be even more amazing, so please wait for us!

B1A4♥BANA Remember 2015 March 14th our happy time

Remember this…
2015 March 14th…
Our happy time…

Let’s Fly B1A4
Hello~ This is B1A4!

Was today’s fan meeting fun~~~?

Our Bana~
It was so nice to see you after so long.
Let’s meet again~

Bana we are very thankful and we love you ♥

Source: fancafe
Translated by roz @ bethe1all4one
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★GIVEAWAY/CLOSED★ 1st Giveaway only for Indonesian BANA


Halo BANA(s),

Udah pada tau belum di tanggal 23 April 2014 nanti hari apa? Yap, benar sekali. B1A4 akan merayakan 3rd Anniversary mereka sejak mereka pertama kali debut di program Music Core tanggal 23 April 2011 lalu. Selain itu, fanpage kami Official_B1A4 juga merayakan Ulang Tahun nya yang ke-3 di tanggal yang sama dengan Anniversary nya B1A4. Wah, tidak terasa sudah 3 tahun terbang bersama B1A4^^

Oleh karena itu, kami dari Tim Official_B1A4 mau mengadakan giveaway dalam rangka merayakan ulang tahun B1A4 dan fanpage kami yang ke-3. Kami akan membagikan album B1A4 “WHO AM I” untuk juara pertama, replika hoodie B1A4 “THE CLASS” untuk juara kedua, dan T-shirt B1A4 untuk juara ketiga.

Untuk BANA(s) yang mau ikutan, yuk simak syarat nya:

  1.     Subscribe B1A4 Official Youtube Account dan follow semua akun twitter anggota B1A4 (jangan lupa di screen capture)
  2.     Follow blog ini  (bisa lewat email atau bloglovin)
  3.     Follow @Official_B1A4, dan sponsor kami @shopahyafani, @BANA_tees
  4.     Promote ke 10 orang tentang giveaway ini di twitter dengan menggunakan hashtag #officialb1a4giveaway2014 dibelakang tweet.

Setelah mengikuti semua syarat di atas, lalu buat fan art tentang B1A4 atau fanpage kami Official_B1A4. Bisa photo, video, atau karya seni apapun yang berhubungan dengan B1A4 atau Official_B1A4.

Kirim hasil karya kamu ke email: officialb1a4@hotmail.com dengan subjek “officialb1a4 giveaway 2014” dan attach screen capture dari akun youtube B1A4 yang telah kamu subscribe.

Jangan lupa tulis:

Nama :

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Setelah itu jangan lupa untuk memberikan kesan, pesan, dan wish kamu untuk B1A4 dan Official_B1A4 di Guestbook.

Penilaian akan dilihat dari apakah kalian mengikuti syarat2 dari kami atau tidak, dan tentunya hasil fan art kalian. Buatlah fan art sekreatif mungkin dan murni buatan kalian sendiri.

Giveaway ini akan berlangsung dari tanggal 27 Maret 201430 April 2014. Masih banyak waktu kok untuk membuat fan art, jadi ayo ikutan^^. Pengumuman pemenang akan di umumkan tanggal 03 Mei 2014 pukul 20.00 WIB.

Juara 1 : Safirotul Aziroh (@hyomchan)
Juara 2 : Nada Sofiani (@flawlessandeul)
Juara 3 : Nadhira Cintania (@_banadhira)

Congrats, BANA(s)^^




[STARCAST] Sandeul Birthday Party LIVE! Behind Story

Live story of Sandeul’s Birthday Party! Does everyone watch the show? The behind story of birthday preparation and scene sketch! Now, let’s meet them. In March 20, members were busy preparing the party. They were all their best to throw birthday party for Sandeul.

Blowing the balloon! Gongchan! He was working hard. He was preparing the party really hard more than any member and when he was asked why, he received his present from Sandeul last year. (You know what…..if you do not know, please refer to 19th episode of BABA B1A4 )

CNU, making the meat cake!

Put on the meat like this!

How old is Sandeul~

We can feel how he cared the brother !

Surprised by in the middle of preparation, sensitive Jinyoung. All members were busy preparing the live show.

Gongchan Found something.

Master of the party, Gongchan

5 minutes before the live show!!!!!

Beautifully prepared meat cake! Finally it is done!!!!

Right before the delivery! They were nervous! The idea of meat cake was BARO.

Everyone looks happy! You can see the show through the ‘replay’. So, don’t miss the show!!

Star of the today, Sandeul is cooking the meat.

Baro: Sandeul, say ‘A’. Open your mouth~~

By looking at him, other members were so pleased. What a fruitful day!!!!

Jinyoung: How do you like it? Taste good?!

Relay of meat ssam and members’ warm hug!

Sandeul: !!!!?@$#%?

Sandeul! Members look so happy!

Baro: Camera also Ah~.

Even cooking posture is stylish!

Now, the main event! Birthday cannot go without Deul! Jab! Ee!

Putting his hand with heart flutter!

Sandeul: feeling so weird…

What happened to Sandeul?

Putting his hand forcefully! Looks of cheerful face of members! Do you see?

Now, the birthday is heading toward the end! Members made new cherishable memory!

Brothers granting Sandeul’s wishes. They look so happy!

In front of his banner! Cut!

There are rumors that starting from the scene and after the show, the atmosphere was really cheerful. With the rolling paper made by B1A4 members for Sandeul, the behind story is finished.

Wait! This is not the end!

 B1A4 signed polaroid photo

Line cushion signed by members in person after the live show

original: http://m.star.naver.com/b1a4/news/end?id=2563114&langCode=en#
Writing/Photo: WM Entertainment 
re-up cr: lemoned @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com
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