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Hello! Official_B1A4 now hiring for anyone who wants to help make Official_B1A4 to be a better fanbase.

We require appliers to be dedicated to Official_B1A4 if hired in future and more B1A4 focused.


Please take a note that we will NOT PAY for any position applied, all are voluntarily by the applicants.

And do not apply just to be the part of Official_B1A4’ staffs, we need a committed and hard working staffs.


Requirements (We have 4 available positions):


Administrator: (Twitter and Blog admin)

1) Fluent at speaking English

2) Able to use wordpress

3) Able to update news/important events on twitter

4) Up-to-date with events and news of B1A4

5) Dedicated with B1A4, and Official_B1A4

6) Able to practice self judgement when sharing information on SNS (know what is or not appropriate to post)

7) you have to be at least 18!




for the Administrator Recruitment we will give you one month of training before we finally accept you as our official administrator and be able to update news on twitter and blog. This has to be done because we NEED admins who are DEDICATED to B1A4 and most importantly with Official_B1A4.

Project Manager:

1) Fluent at speaking English

2) Able to use wordpress

3) Able to handle a big-scale project

4) Responsible

5) Active and creative




for the project manager, you must have a paypal account.


Korean/ Chinese/ Japanese Translator: (Translate news, articles, interviews, and official sites updates to English)

1) Able to translate from Korean/ Japanese (including slangs) to English with strong grammar (must be fluent in English).

2) Able to listen to audio to translate.

3) NOT USING any translator apps/ devices.


Frontliner/ Photographer: (Responsible for taking pictures of B1A4 for us. We might ask you to help us distribute support materials such as gifts, banners, support packs, etc.)

1) Live in Korea/ Japan/ China/ anywhere that B1A4 would come to your country

2) Able to attend events, such as concerts, fansigns, fanmeets, show recordings and airport arrivals and departures.

3) Know basic photography and use camera (it will be good if you’re using DSLR).

*  If you don’t want to be a full time photographer but have your own photos of B1A4 and want to donate the photos to us (under our logo) please don’t hestitate to contact us, we do accept that.



If interested please fill up the application form below and send it to with subject Staff Application.


Application Form:


1) Name:

2) Age:

3) Country/ Timezone:

4) Online Hours: … hours/day or … days/week

5) Active Twitter Account/ SNS (LINE, Kakaotalk, etc):

6) Experience in fanbase:

7) Position:

8) Explain about yourself (Positive and Negative thing about you):


We will get back to serious and dedicated applicants only, so please check your inbox often for the upcoming 2-3 days and reply as fast as possible.

If you have any questions regarding to this staff recruitments, kindly send us message or ask us on twitter.


One thought on “Join Us!

  1. I will help B1A4 anyway i can

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