[TRANS] B1A4’s SOLODAY Recording BTS Interview for NAVER STARCAST

Q. What do you think is the most important thing when you’re recording?
Jinyoung: The members all have very different voices and charms. So I feel that the most important thing is for the members to naturally bring out the best points of their individual voices. Hence to achieve that, the members try to talk a lot about the song. If we discuss about it together, we are able to bring out the feeling behind the song. We record trying to follow the mood or feeling of the song by blending the members’ voice naturally in. The members say I’m too strict! But that’s definitely not the case 🙂 Haha
CNU: I think a comfortable mood is most important. I try to practice as much as I can right until I record. I analyze the song to see how I can best bring out the mood, and practice it several times to understand it better. But on the day of recording, I leave it up to my condition on that day and try to record in a comfortable mood. I think I record best when I’m most comfortable since I sing more naturally.
Sandeul: (The most important thing is) the feeling that the lyrics give. When working on a song, I always give great importance to lyrics and focus on it. I sing during recording with the hope that the lyrics of our songs will be delivered (to the listener) well. I imagine the situations in the lyrics, and I hope my emotions from doing that will be felt in the song. In particular I really like the lyrics to our title song this time, SOLO DAY. Instead of a depressing feeling to represent singles, we went for a bright and positive mood. Did you manage to read my feelings from the song?!.
Baro: I write lyrics based on the hope to deliver my very first emotions upon hearing the melody. I create rap lyrics by reenactkng the feelings that I felt when I hear the song for the first time. My favourite lyrics also turn out to be the ones I wrote the first time. I express my innermost feelings or stories most naturally through the first version of lyrics. No matter how good a song is, it will be lacking if our feelings about the song are not conveyed properly.
Gongchan: I think to be able to deliver the overall mood of the song is the most important. I think a lot about how to deliver each individual song we are recording. Only that way will the listener be able to fall into the song and feel the same emotions we felt. And together with the hyungs we always try to record in a fun way in the recording booth. If we get angry when the recording drags on too long, it will just make everyone tired so instead we will cheer each other on.









Q. Jinyoung and Sandeul, please say something to each other after seeing the unreleased video.
Jinyoung: Sandeul-ah, how is your backview so round? I’m always thankful that you always lift the mood of the recording booth.
Sandeul: Actually I’m always caught by the tiger that Jinyoung turns into in the recording booth so there are a lot of occasions that I spent a lot of time in that. Recently I do directing for when Jinyoung hyung is in the booth. In order to have a better end product, I work hard to direct more strictly by listening carefully to every breath and every vibration. So now I understand how Jinyoung hyung feels! In order to have an end product is that more complete, I will become the lion of the recording booth in future. Hahaha 🙂


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[UPDATE/TRANS] 131225 #B1A4 STAFF DIARY – B1A4’s Christmas Message

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1. Jinyoung:

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Merry BANA Christmas

I feel I get really excited every time Christmas approaches~ Should I describe it as something that feels like I’ve returned to being a child again? I feel like my heart turns white as I watch the snow~! However, our BANAs may slip on ice while having too much fun jumping around because it’s Christmas, so be careful! Don’t forget that safety always comes first!! Then spend a fun Christmas, and make good memories~ ^^ – From Jinyoungie ㅎㅎ

2. CNU

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To. BANA ♥

It’s already the third Christmas that we’re spending together. Although Christmas alone is meaningful, I feel like it has a different feeling due to the fact that it comes when the year comes to a close. Although spending a fun Christmas is important, I also think it’s important to plan ahead on how you will spend the next year after finishing this year up well. I hope our BANAs all spend a happy Christmas. -CNU-

3. Sandeul

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Give blessings on Christmas~ and love to Sandeullie!! I want to receive it!! Please throw hearts to me!! Ah, also!! Sleep with a stocking hung by your pillow today~ I will go into your dreams and give you a present that you won’t be able to forget!! Lalala~

4. Baro

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Exciting Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Warm Christmas!

I’ll pray that you will be able to make a lot of unforgettable memories with people that are special to you!

Ri~ng~ (T/N: he drew a bell)

5. Gongchan

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Bana~! Merry Christmas

It’s already the 3rd Christmas that we spend together! Who will you all be spending it with? B1A4? Friends? A boyfriend?! What do you think about spending this Christmas with your family? I heard that since each and every day is spent busily, the amount of time to converse and eat with family memories is decreasing….ㅠ.ㅠ Spend a comfortable and warm time with your family this Christmas, and talk about things that you weren’t able to usually~ I’ll have to spend it with the hyungs~ ♥ Merry Christmas everyone~!!

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