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Do I think it’s a pity? Am I crying now? (A parody of a famous line from SBS drama Heirs) It will be nice if we could become a great strength to everyone. Please don’t be sick… I don’t know how to express myself. I am really really happy but I don’t know the way to express myself. Please always look at us only, and because we will only be looking at you guys, let’s go on until the day we die. Thank you everyone!

To be looking at everyone from the stage is like a dream, and it really gives me a lot of strength. Just like how the slogans say “I’ll be your strength”… (A fan flashing ‘Sandeul I love you forever’ with her phone appears on the LCD screen) I love you too. I know that we are only able to hold a concert because of how everyone really loves us. Even though I am a singer, there are times when I am practicing that I ask myself why am I singing. And as time passes a lot of doubts fill my mind. But through stages like this I realize that I worked so hard practicing just so that I can stand here and sing to everyone. At least while on stage, I want to be everyone’s strength through my singing. I really feel that I am so lucky, and I have been so happy recently.


It’s a little sad that today is the last day of concert in Seoul. Everyone is really precious to me. I am really glad that there are so many precious people. Thank you so much BANAs, for always giving us a sense of responsibility not to be idle. (Tears) Ha.. I don’t know anymore. I am just really happy, what else needs to be said. Just looking at you, looking into your eyes and I know. I fell in love at first sight with everyone and here we have come today. I always say this, but won’t you please hear it once more? I love you, and thank you. You said that you will be our strength… We will be your strength. I will remember this moment, and all our moments together. Thank you to all the staff. I hope everyone treasures all the moments we have spent with you BANAs. We will become your strength.


I want to let you guys go while smiling… (Tears) To be honest, it is all lies to say that it hasn’t been hard on us ar all. It’s hard on us, but everytime it’s hard on us everyone id around. Looking at everyone gives us a little strength to stand on stage. Thank you for always giving us a lot of stage. Please watch over us in future too. [T/N: The following part is not in the article but I transcripted it from a recording.] Today I seem to have acted somewhat like a spoilt child, but I wanted to say that I gain a lot of strength from everyone. Thank you.


(Wiping off his tears with his sleeves.) I will work really hard to become everyone’s heart, and make sure it doesn’t stop. Please always feel our nervousness, and treasure it. We will deeply engrave it in our minds to work hard so please stay by our sides. Thank you so much.

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