[STARCAST] Releasing the recording scene of ‘SOLO DAY’ shot by B1A4 manager secretly!

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We have come back with news of B1A4 who has come back with their 5th mini-album ‘SOLO DAY’! B1A4 has come back in about 6 months after their 2nd regular album ‘WHO AM I’. Have you all listened to ‘SOLO DAY’ of B1A4 who has listed self-composed songs in every album all the time? It is a fresh ocean-like song with the harmony of acoustic guitar and hot electric guitar sound~
STARCAST has prepared the recording spot of B1A4’s 5th mini-album ‘SOLO DAY’ which we exclusively covered before their album release! Aren’t you all curious of their images working on the album?
STARCAST releases hidden mobile pictures and video of recording room which B1A4 manager secretly shot!!
We have visited the B1A4’s recording room at one bright day of last June. Recording of B1A4’s 5th mini-album title song ‘You Make Me A Fool’ chorus was keep going on. ‘You Make Me A Fool’ is the 2nd track of the album which is getting popular as title song ‘SOLO DAY’ in the real time chart~! With what images would B1A4 members would be recording it?!
B1A4 who wants to do their best at music! Their natural images are also good as their images on stage. But was it due to the good song?! The scene was delightful making all staffs sing along to the song as if overdosed with the melody without getting bored of hearing the repeated song. Shall we see the preview for a while then~?
The first video is the image of Jinyoung who directs Sandeul recording his chorus part of track ‘You Make Me A Fool’ contained in ‘SOLO DAY’! You may notice that B1A4 is included in every chorus of their songs as you see their album credit~ That is made through this progress!
B1A4 is repeatedly recording the same part at the recording scene.
Can you notice that they are caring all the details which seem to hear as the same? They do not give an inch although it is a chorus. We were touched by them since they sincerely self-composed and produced as a real artist. 
The second video is the image of Sandeul directing Jinyoung’s chorus part.
B1A4 members who show sincere images than any other time whenever they work on their album!
They started to record the chorus again as if they felt something missing and seemed to have finished the recording to go home.

Excitedly! And earnestly! They look professional! Smooth charisma makes them more masculine:)
The release of STARCAST exclusive B1A4 recording spot is not over yet. What thoughts would they have while recording their album~?!
STARCAST asked the question to the B1A4 members!

Q. What it the most important thing while recording at the recording room~?

Jinyoung: B1A4 members have their own vocal color and different charms. So I think maximizing the good points of each voice is the most important thing. We try to discuss much about the song with members since the feeling toward our song gets alive. We record members’ voice to naturally absorb in the song according to the song mood and feeling. Members say that I’m strict, but I’m not HaHa
CNU: I think the comfortable mood is the most important. I try to do my best in practicing before recording. I practice several times in order to understand and analyze the song for vivifying the feeling. But I try to record the song in a comfortable atmosphere by leaving it to my condition of the recording day. I think recording goes well if I sing at the most comfortable mood.
Sandeul: The feeling which the lyric conveys. When I work on the song, I try to focus on the lyrics the most. I sing with the mind of hoping that our song’s lyrics would be conveyed well since I hope my sensibility of imagining the situations of the lyrics would be absorbed in it! Especially, I like the title song ‘SOLO DAY’ lyrics so much. I tried to convey the lyrics brightly and positively although it was singing about being a solo. Can you feel my mind in the song?!
BARO: I write the lyrics with the feeling that I would like to convey it right away to people who listen to the song. I write rap lyrics by making the first feeling of listening to the song alive. So I like the first rap lyric which I wrote the most. I try to express the feeling or story in my mind naturally. It would be sad if the feelings toward the song are not conveyed well even if the song is good.
Gongchan: I think vivifying the song atmosphere is the most important thing. I think mostly about how to vivify the feeling according to songs. It is because if we do that, then the listener would fall into the song and feel our sensibility. I try to enjoy the recording with the members in the recording room. We cheer up each other since we may become tired of each other if the recording takes time.
Q. Jinyoung and Sandeul, would you guys please say one comment to each other after seeing surprising unreleased video?

Jinyoung: Sandeul, how come can the back of your head be so round? I’m so thankful to you who always make a bright recording room atmosphere.
Sandeul: I become to record for a long time by being captured at Jinyoung who becomes a tiger in the recording room! I could understand his mind by doing my best in recording songs in detail by hearing even small breathing sound and trembles! I would become a lion of the recording room in order to gain complete result. HaHaHa 🙂

Yes~! STARCAST’s prepared news today is until here. We have surprisingly released the recording room scene of B1A4 members that was not shown in broadcasts. How was it?! B1A4 who has come back with ‘SOLO DAY’ album on 14th of July! We sincerely hope that they get loved as much they have prepared. We will come back with the next news in the hope that the ‘SOLO SOLO SOLO DAY~” would be sung on streets! Thank you.

[TRANS] B1A4’s SOLODAY Recording BTS Interview for NAVER STARCAST

Q. What do you think is the most important thing when you’re recording?
Jinyoung: The members all have very different voices and charms. So I feel that the most important thing is for the members to naturally bring out the best points of their individual voices. Hence to achieve that, the members try to talk a lot about the song. If we discuss about it together, we are able to bring out the feeling behind the song. We record trying to follow the mood or feeling of the song by blending the members’ voice naturally in. The members say I’m too strict! But that’s definitely not the case 🙂 Haha
CNU: I think a comfortable mood is most important. I try to practice as much as I can right until I record. I analyze the song to see how I can best bring out the mood, and practice it several times to understand it better. But on the day of recording, I leave it up to my condition on that day and try to record in a comfortable mood. I think I record best when I’m most comfortable since I sing more naturally.
Sandeul: (The most important thing is) the feeling that the lyrics give. When working on a song, I always give great importance to lyrics and focus on it. I sing during recording with the hope that the lyrics of our songs will be delivered (to the listener) well. I imagine the situations in the lyrics, and I hope my emotions from doing that will be felt in the song. In particular I really like the lyrics to our title song this time, SOLO DAY. Instead of a depressing feeling to represent singles, we went for a bright and positive mood. Did you manage to read my feelings from the song?!.
Baro: I write lyrics based on the hope to deliver my very first emotions upon hearing the melody. I create rap lyrics by reenactkng the feelings that I felt when I hear the song for the first time. My favourite lyrics also turn out to be the ones I wrote the first time. I express my innermost feelings or stories most naturally through the first version of lyrics. No matter how good a song is, it will be lacking if our feelings about the song are not conveyed properly.
Gongchan: I think to be able to deliver the overall mood of the song is the most important. I think a lot about how to deliver each individual song we are recording. Only that way will the listener be able to fall into the song and feel the same emotions we felt. And together with the hyungs we always try to record in a fun way in the recording booth. If we get angry when the recording drags on too long, it will just make everyone tired so instead we will cheer each other on.









Q. Jinyoung and Sandeul, please say something to each other after seeing the unreleased video.
Jinyoung: Sandeul-ah, how is your backview so round? I’m always thankful that you always lift the mood of the recording booth.
Sandeul: Actually I’m always caught by the tiger that Jinyoung turns into in the recording booth so there are a lot of occasions that I spent a lot of time in that. Recently I do directing for when Jinyoung hyung is in the booth. In order to have a better end product, I work hard to direct more strictly by listening carefully to every breath and every vibration. So now I understand how Jinyoung hyung feels! In order to have an end product is that more complete, I will become the lion of the recording booth in future. Hahaha 🙂


Source: http://news.naver.com/main/hotissue/read.nhn?mid=hot&sid1=106&cid=941214&iid=23147519&oid=420&aid=0000001084&ptype=021
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[STARCAST] Sandeul Birthday Party LIVE! Behind Story

Live story of Sandeul’s Birthday Party! Does everyone watch the show? The behind story of birthday preparation and scene sketch! Now, let’s meet them. In March 20, members were busy preparing the party. They were all their best to throw birthday party for Sandeul.

Blowing the balloon! Gongchan! He was working hard. He was preparing the party really hard more than any member and when he was asked why, he received his present from Sandeul last year. (You know what…..if you do not know, please refer to 19th episode of BABA B1A4 )

CNU, making the meat cake!

Put on the meat like this!

How old is Sandeul~

We can feel how he cared the brother !

Surprised by in the middle of preparation, sensitive Jinyoung. All members were busy preparing the live show.

Gongchan Found something.

Master of the party, Gongchan

5 minutes before the live show!!!!!

Beautifully prepared meat cake! Finally it is done!!!!

Right before the delivery! They were nervous! The idea of meat cake was BARO.

Everyone looks happy! You can see the show through the ‘replay’. So, don’t miss the show!!

Star of the today, Sandeul is cooking the meat.

Baro: Sandeul, say ‘A’. Open your mouth~~

By looking at him, other members were so pleased. What a fruitful day!!!!

Jinyoung: How do you like it? Taste good?!

Relay of meat ssam and members’ warm hug!

Sandeul: !!!!?@$#%?

Sandeul! Members look so happy!

Baro: Camera also Ah~.

Even cooking posture is stylish!

Now, the main event! Birthday cannot go without Deul! Jab! Ee!

Putting his hand with heart flutter!

Sandeul: feeling so weird…

What happened to Sandeul?

Putting his hand forcefully! Looks of cheerful face of members! Do you see?

Now, the birthday is heading toward the end! Members made new cherishable memory!

Brothers granting Sandeul’s wishes. They look so happy!

In front of his banner! Cut!

There are rumors that starting from the scene and after the show, the atmosphere was really cheerful. With the rolling paper made by B1A4 members for Sandeul, the behind story is finished.

Wait! This is not the end!

 B1A4 signed polaroid photo

Line cushion signed by members in person after the live show

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[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4′s life graph – Gongchan

# Gongchan’s life graph: Detailed and cute youngest

Gongchan drew the life graph in a most cute way out of all five members. He wrote down the memory of scooping water out due to the flood when he was a trainee, the memory of spending first birthday with B1A4 members and even shooting for the first profile picture and shared his precious memory pieces. There were also slumps when he was a trainee but Gongchan said “I thought hard about whether it is it really right and whether I will be really able to do well. But even then, I talked a lot with the members and we managed to make it through as we helped each other” and looked back.

In Gongchan’s life graph, there are B1A4’s promotion songs and Gongchan’s personal activities written down in detail. Including the first debut stage being MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, there are the titles of songs such as ‘Beautiful Target’, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Baby Good Night’, ‘What’s Happening’ and ‘Lonely’ and so on all written down. The rookie award, the moment of candidate as 1st place for the first time with the song ‘Tried to Walk’, becoming 1st place with ‘What’s Happening’ for the first time, first exclusive concert, 1st fan club opening ceremony and Amazing Store concert and so on and showed the detail of even writing the title of the concert. To this, decorating with various stars and hearts is a must! Just like the youngest member, he was full of cute behaviors. Especially, Gongchan remembered the moment of becoming 1st place for the first time and said “I honestly did not know that we are 1st place but I was so surprised that they nominated us as 1st place. We were so happy that we hugged, cried and cheered in the waiting room. There were lots of emotions. I gathered with the members in the evening and said that it looks like this award means that we should keep trying harder and encouraged” and revealed.

To Gongchan, who only looked like he will be lively, there were also painful moments. Gongchan got kidney removal surgery in 2012 and had to take a break. Gongchan said “The fans worried a lot but I am healthy and strong now so do not worry and I am okay. I am always grateful” and relieved the fans. The mind of Gongchan thinking about the fans was to the maximum.

When talking about first exclusive concert, Gongchan said “I wanted to hold each and every fan in my eyes. Wow~” and expressed his love towards the fan club BANA to the full extent. In addition, he said “I think we were able to become 1st place due to the fans. We will be B1A4 who tries much harder from now on to the future. Please keep showing love towards us” and also added “Even when there are moments in which we are stagnant or have a break time, we will not let those moments become a slump, but instead the days in which we get better” and made a resolution towards activities in the future.

source: Naver Starcast

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[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4′s life graph – Baro

# BARO’s life graph : Wildly reply

BARO’s life graph had the impression of as if it contains the real personality of BARO the way it is. He is usually playful and funny but shows professional sides with serious facial expression when it comes to working and there are achievements unique to BARO in his life graph that everyone can admit. Just like that, BARO was drawing thick lines every time when he broadened his own territory.

He spent tough trainee years as he came to Seoul from his hometown Gwangju but it was rather a moment when he was having firm dreams toward becoming a singer. The truth is, BARO was not certain about his thought of making a living with music. He said “I liked hip hop but there were no cram schools that taught such a thing and it was only a hobby that I just enjoyed myself” but BARO was certain the moment when he passed the audition and did not miss the given opportunity and reached to the place where he is right now. First 1st place on the music show last year with ‘What’s Happening’ to him was really literally ‘What’s Happening’. And the popularity he got from ‘Reply 1994’ was the best moment that is good enough to be emphasized out of all the events in his life graph. BARO said “Reply 1994 crew, I love you guys” and added “It was the best moment in my life” and reminisced. Next, about getting 8 of 1st place trophies with ‘Lonely’, he said “I am spending happy moments at a young age of twenty three” and conveyed the greeting of gratitude.

BARO, who is spending literally flourishing 2013 and 2014, maintained modest attitude. BARO was recently casted on SBS drama ‘God’s Gift- 14 Days’ and drew ‘?’ on the life graph and said “There is not a result yet so I do not know” and showed his determination that he will work hard. As he started his acting career off nicely with ‘Reply 1994’, we look forward to his active role.

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[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4′s life graph – Sandeul

# Sandeul’s life graph: Immortal Sandeul

Just like what is felt from the phrase ‘We became 1st place1♥’ that is full of cuteness, Sandeul’s life graph shows steepness and looks like it is showing B1A4’s flourishing moments and happiness. Especially, Sandeul’s personal career is shown intensively on his life graph so his life can be seen all at once.

Sandeul was someone with outstanding talents as he became 1st place with everything he does. He was weak when he was little so was bullied by friends but he overcame all this with exercises such as Taekwondo and swimming and so on. Afterwards, he became 1st place on Inline skating competition and showed talents on exercising and got awards in various song festivals with his singing that he began when he was 17 years old. He even got the grand award in ‘2010 Korea youth song festival’. And 1st place on B1A4 for sure. However, there is something that Sandeul did not become 1st place. Sandeul said “I studied hard when I was in middle school but it was not that fun” and shared his honest opinion towards studying.

What Sandeul mentioned most often in the life graph was KBS2 ‘Immortal Song- Singing The Legend’. Sandeul chose ‘How To Live Like A Man’, ‘Forgotten Season’, in which he sang for the first time as a solo, and ‘Woman in the Rain’ in which he sang as a duet with Choi Min Soo as the most memorable performances. The best performance was no doubt ‘I am a Candle Before You’, the song that became a champion by singing solo, and Sandeul also expressed happy emotion by writing ‘Yoohoo~♥’ on his life graph.


He also spent the best times appearing on various music programs with ‘Lonely’ but Sandeul also drew ‘Slump cloud in which I frequently fall’. Sandeul said “I fall into slump often after I started learn to sing” and added “There are lots of problems in which I cannot solve alone and I think one of those is the slump” and shared his worries. He said “So whenever I fall into slump, I think I organize my own various thoughts while getting advice from people around me so that I can get out from the slump as soon as possible” and conveyed his own ways to overcome the slump.

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[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4’s life graph – CNU

# CNU’s life graph: A considerate thinking

CNU looked like he has considerate minds out of all B1A4 members as he even thought hard about how he felt the moment he was born. He said “I drew the first dot of the life graph on a random location that is not high but now low on the white sheet of paper” and added “I must have been happy when I was born? Must have been grateful? I do not know how I feel” and started the life graph.

CNU, who said “There were only good things happening after making the debut”, shared the tough times before making the debut. He said “I formed a band named Gap Gol when I was in high school but it was hard as there were no good enough instruments and places to practice”. Fortunately, the music teacher back then bought us the instruments and we were able to practice after going through load of troubles” and added “Since I am talking about it, I would like to thank my music teacher” and conveyed.


CNU’s passion towards music made him come to Seoul. He came to Seoul from Choongjo, Choongcheongbook-do with his ambitious dream but he did not pass the audition every time and it was even embarrassing to see the face of his sister, whom he was getting help from. But instead, his sister said “Do not be disappointed because you did not pass” and encouraged CNU and CNU shared that he came to have more courage ever since. He got the award on youth song festival with his friend and enjoyed the happiness of becoming a trainee. CNU said “Just by becoming a trainee, I felt like that I stepped closer to my dream and was so happy”. However, CNU also showed his honest thoughts with dotted lines. “It was very tough psychologically due to a loneliness coming from being alone just by myself outside of hometown and the anxiety from unclear future and so on” and added “I washed away such thoughts by making a debut as B1A4” and revealed.


The rookie award, 1st place and exclusive concert and so on and CNU was everywhere as B1A4 and drew a life graph that is steadily rising but CNU’s life graph goes especially high up and especially deep down and the life graph shows inconsistency. CNU said “It is happy moments in a row but there are complex and mysterious emotions added to it. It is happy but is hard to describe” and added “There is feeling of burden and the responsibility coming from the thought that I have to do well. There are also times when I am uncertain of whether what I am doing right now is a right thing” and shared the story that is deep within his mind. He said “Every time I do that, the fans support me. I will try much harder” and also added the greetings of gratitude to the fans.

source: Naver Starcast

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[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4’s life graph – Jinyoung

# Jinyoung’s life graph: Positive king Jinyoung

Leader Jinyoung’s life graph was plain and simple. It is almost to the level in which even he can admit that he spent plain and simple childhood and when he was in middle school and high school. However, Jinyoung showed his talents as a leader starting from earlier times when he was voted as a vice president of his school when he was in 6th grade. Jinyoung said “I diligently promoted and appealed myself ever since I was little” and shared the tips of how he was chosen as a vice president. His outgoing personality also shines when he was in high school. He said it was plain and simple but Jinyoung not only has the elite experience of attending foreign language high school, but he also took part in various activities even before making a debut. In 2008, he has various experiences as a flower handsome boy and as an actor such as becoming the 1st place on picture vote on the homepage of Mnet ‘Flower Boys Terror Situation’ and appeared on various dramas as an extra and so on.

He shows off fancy experience of the time of before making the debut but Jinyoung picks the time after making debut as B1A4 as the real beginning of his life. Jinyoung said “I only have happy memories after making the debut” and added “Because of the rookie award and exclusive concert, my life graph is keep going up” and conveyed. Next, “1st place on ground wave music show! Casted on the movie ‘Miss Granny’! And also went much farther and became Triple Crown at the age of twenty four!” and actively described B1A4’s rise as if he was narrating a sports game. Jinyoung is getting lots of love with ‘Lonely’ but he is also spending happy times with the success of ‘Miss Granny’. He even held a free hug event on February 13th to celebrate the crowd who watched the movie going over 5 million. Jinyoung said “It is my first movie debut work and it feels unreal but I am still happy at the same time since the movie is doing well” and added “I think it was all made possible because of good senior casts and staff members. I will be trying harder. I thank everyone who loved the movie. Please look at me positively” and have a case of sharing his feelings about the success of a movie.

The only tough memory that Jinyoung could think of was having to wake up early when he was little. Jinyoung said “It was so hard waking up early when I was going to school” and reminisced the time when he was little. However, he is now the member of an idol group who busily holds activities while even sacrificing the time to sleep. It makes it possible to assume how much and what kind of efforts Jinyoung made so far. We could look at Jinyoung’s sides as a positive king at the same time. He might have faced lots of frustrating moments through lots of experiences but Jinyoung did not pull out tough memories. He said “I think in positive ways a lot so I do not look back at tough moments often” and added “What path will I be taking after the life graph now? I cannot know it yet~” and conveyed positive and excited minds at the same time.

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