[TRANS/FANCAFE] 150423 B1A4 4th Anniversary – CNU


Hello everyone, This is Shinwoo. It’s been a while since I posted in the Fancafe.
Finally it’s B1A4′s fourth debut anniversary. Already four years, time sure flies. It’s a night for me to think about all that has happened over the past 4 years.
Our debut stage filled with our ambitions and anxieties, our first fansign of expectations and excitement, worries and curiosity, our first concert with feelings of fear, our world tour that allowed us to realize just how thankful we are… when I think about it now, it really amazes me that we have been able to do all of these things. At the same time, I feel so thankful for all of the people who have allowed these things to even happen for B1A4.
Our WM family that helped shape and refine us to become stars… CEO-nim, chairman, all the staff members… there are countless people who have worked hard to help make B1A4 shine. Through this post I wanted to state my thanks.
In what feels like just a blink of the eye, 4 years have passed by. Because BANA have been there, it is such a special time that I will never forget. Whenever I’m happy or sad, I have gained strength because BANA have been by our side. I also trust that you feel the same way.
I think that what happens from now on is very important. From this point onward there will be many happy moments, and some moments of sadness or hurt. What I’m sure about is that, like we have made it through these past 4 years, if we enjoy these upcoming times it will all remain as a good memory in the end. If we smile with each other when we’re happy and lean on each other when we’re sad, if we are always together then I’m positive that it will all remain as a good memory. I wish for us to look back in the far future and be able to smile proudly at ourselves.
For the past 4 years I am so thankful. Let’s be happy in the future too~!
From, Shinwoo

(p.s CNU wore a t-shirt and held a DVD from Bana International United’s project, it was a project to celebrate B1A4’s 4th Anniversary)

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[GREET GONGCHAN] B1A4 Gongchan Global Video Birthday Project

tumblr_mohi2vrbdL1qc6b1jo1_1280Do you want to greet our beloved Gongchan but you can’t becauseyou’re literally thousands of miles away from him? Well, we’ve got the right thing for you!

Aim: We are all aware that B1A4 is not only well-known in Korea but also in many different countries across the globe. The aim of this video project is to greet B1A4’s maknae Gong Chan Sik in his upcoming birthday this 14th of August and tell him how much we love not only him but B1A4 with all our hearts.

We’ll make sure that the video will be seen by Gongchan!


1. Make a 7 to 10-second video clip of Greeting Gongchan “Happy Birthday Gongchan!” using your NATIVE LANGUAGE. (We recommend you not to say it in Korean if you’re not Korean!)

2. If you want to say something to Gongchan, do another 10 to 30-second message for him.
The admins will just pick certain messages from Banas. Make sure to show your sincerity and love for the boys. Also, kindly attach the english translation of what you said in the videos in your email so it’ll be easier to translate it in hangul for the subtitles.

3.Create a dropbox account and upload your clips there. After you’ve successfully uploaded your greetings, email the download links at B1A4Fighting@yahoo.com along with your Name, Age, Country and English Translation.

4.We will send you a confirmation message once we’ve received your videos.

Note: Deadline of Submission will be up until July 12, 2013

Thank You so much and we hope we could receive a lot of greetings from Banas ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Gongchan Birthday Project 2013
Brought to you by @B1A4Fighting and @B1A4Couple 


GIFT PROJECT click here


tumblr_mohi2vrbdL1qc6b1jo1_1280Take it easy ! You can send your donation to us! The donation can we use to buy cake / goods to Gongchan wich will send to Chanshik-A (Ally-Chan) in Korea~! Let’s go!


Via bank transfer : Bank BNI


                                      a.n. Aprillya Eka Ristin S  

paypal email : chansik-a@hotmail.com

Contact twitter id : @b1a4couple // @Aprillya_Eka // @chunzhix //

ask : ask.fm/B1A4Couple

2. Once you have send/transfer the donations, Please send us an email with the following form with [ 2013 GONGCHAN BIRTHDAY PROJECT – GLOBAL DONATIONS ] as subject of email.

Name : 

Contact : (Email/Twitter)

Country : 

Date/Time of transfer : 

Paypal account email:

Amount transferred : ( Please state currency as well )

Screencap of the transaction : ( Please attach a photo )

Gifts suggestions : ( If any )

SEND EMAIL TO  : banacouple@yahoo.com


Please Send your country goods or your fanart~!

Hope you all join this project~ ^^

GIFT PROJECT click here

VIDEO PROJECT click here

[PROJECT Gift] ★CNU’s Birthday Project★ For Indonesian BANAs

★★ CNU’s Birthday Project ★★

FLYB1A4, WEHEARTB1A4, OFFICIAL B1A4 mengadakan project ulang tahun yang bekerjasama dengan fansite Korea untuk CNU.

Kami akan menyalurkan hadiah-hadiah kalian kepada fansite CNU616 (SHINMARI) di Korea yang nantinya akan diberikan kepada CNU (WME).


Personal Gift, DEADLINE  : 01  JUNI 2013 ( harus sudah sampai di rumah admin )

♥ Saat mengirimkan personal gift untuk CNU  harap mencantumkan label nama #GiftCNUBirthday di kado yg akan kalian kirimkan.

  • Menyertakan donasi di amplop  (0gr ~ 250gr : Rp 40.000,-) , (250gr ~ 500gr : Rp 80.000,-) , (>500gr : >Rp 125.000,- [biaya pengiriman ke korea] )
  • Bentuk personal gift yang bisa dikirimkan :
  1. Aksesoris (gelang, dompet, kalung, gantungan kunci, dan lain-lain)
  2. Pakaian (kaos, jaket, sweater dan lain-lain)
  3.  Fan art.
  1. Bukan barang yang mudah pecah (mengantisipasi akan pecah di perjalanan) contoh: Gelas/Mug, Figura foto (dari kaca)
  2. Tidak dalam bentuk cairan (mengantisipasi akan tumpah di perjalanan) contoh: Minuman
  3.  Makanan & Minuman (mengantisipasi akan rusak di perjalanan).
  4.  Banner dalam ukuran besar (lihat ketentuan ukuran untuk personal gift).

Syarat Personal Gift:

  • *Ukuran max : Sedang/Medium (tidak melebihi ukuran 25cm x 20cm x10cm) Kami tidak akan mengirim personal gift dalam ukuran besar, kami sarankan kalian bertanya kepada admin sebelum mengirimkan personal gift kalian.
  • Berat : TIDAK LEBIH dari 2 kg (Jika lebih dari 2 kg akan dikenakan biaya tambahan)
  • Harap diperhatikan, hadiah yg kalian kirim akan diperiksa kembali oleh admin jadi tidak usah dibungkus dengan rapi atau tidak perlu menggunakan kertas kado. Karena hadiah kalian nantinya  akan kami bungkus kembali dengan rapi.

(Kami harap kalian mengikuti ketentuan ini demi memudahkan pekerjaan admin dan antisipasi biaya yang akan dikeluarkan untuk pengiriman dari Indonesia ke Korea).

♥ Mohon pengertiannya karena paket pengiriman Indonesia-Korea mahal dan hadiah-hadiah yang akan diberikan banyak.

♥ Bagi yg ingin berpartisipasi dalam project ini (personal gift) kalian harus mengirimkan email ke kami  terlebih dahulu untuk pendataan lebih lanjut.

  • Kirim email ke: officialb1a4@hotmail.com dengan format :

– Subject: CNU Birthday Project

– Nama:

– Jumlah donasi :

– Bentuk Personal Gift :

– No.Handphone:

– Alamat (lengkap):

♥ Setelah kalian mengirim email, kirimkan hadiah/gift kalian ke alamat ini:

A.n : Ria


Komplek Sandang No 6A

RT 02/ RW 11


Jakarta Barat



♥ Setelah hadiah/gift kalian kirim, jangan lupa untuk menghubungi admin kami via twiter, dengan format:

#GiftCNUbirthday (spasi) Nama Pengirim (spasi) Tanggal Pengiriman

Mention ke @ciEn__ciEn

Link twitter : https://twitter.com/ciEn__ciEn

Personal Gift dikirimkan paling lambat sampai ke alamat admin tanggal 01 Juni 2013

♥ Jika ada pertanyaan dan saran tweet admin @FLYB1A4 , @WEHEARTB1A4, @OFFICIAL_B1A4.

Send your gift  to us and let’s celebrate CNU’s Birthday together with us!

Thanks for always trust us, Best regards

ALL Admins^^


Project For Overseas BANAs click here

[DONATE] ★CNU’s Birthday Project★ For Overseas BANAs

★★ CNU’s Birthday Project for Overseas Bana ★★

By FLYB1A4 , WEHEARTB1A4, B1A4latino, and Official_B1A4

Hello BANAs,

CNU’s birthday is coming up soon!!!

We from FLYB1A4 , WEHEARTB1A4, B1A4latino, and OFFICIAL B1A4 have a project for CNU’s 22th Birthday and will cooperate with Korean fansite. This is project from us for our beloved Shin Dong Woo. This project is to show that BANA’s love around the world could be gathered as 1 sweet love^^

We here will be sending CNU some gifts and birthday’s cake. But to make this project happen we would really like it if you can help us. Don’t you want to make an unforgetable present for CNU? So come on join us, join our project.


How to join this project?

1. Donate :

  • For Overseas BANA :

Official_B1A4’s paypal email : aprillya092031@gmail.com

Contact twitter id : @aprillya_eka

Kakaotalk id       : aprillya406

2. Once you have send/transfer the donations, Please send us an email with the following form with [ 2013 CNU BIRTHDAY PROJECT – DONATIONS ] as subject of email.

Name : 

Contact : (Email/Twitter)

Country : 

Date/Time of transfer : 

Paypal account email:

Amount transferred : ( Please state currency as well )

Screencap of the transaction : ( Please attach a photo )

Gifts suggestions : ( If any )

SEND EMAIL TO  : officialb1a4@hotmail.com


For further information, question or comments please contact us and we will reply back to you as soon we can. ^^ THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


All admin  ^^

Project For Indonesian BANAs click here