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Jinyoung: Thank you so much for coming today. Experiences I will never forget~ let’s start making them~♥

CNU: Today’s fan meeting was so enjoyable~! Thank you for waiting during all that time, and let’s make more good memories together from now on~!

Sandeul: Bana Bana~~ Because we were together today~ it was so nice~♥ Bana too~? Me too~♥ Heart Pyong! Pyong! Before you sleep you must think about us!! Must~♥ Let’s hug in your dreams~♥♥♥ Bye~!!

Baro: Bana~! For waiting like this, and for coming, thank you so much~♥ Let’s continue to be close like this for a long time!!!

Gongchan: Thank you so much for coming to today’s fan meeting. It was amazing right? The 3rd one will be even more amazing, so please wait for us!

B1A4♥BANA Remember 2015 March 14th our happy time

Remember this…
2015 March 14th…
Our happy time…

Let’s Fly B1A4
Hello~ This is B1A4!

Was today’s fan meeting fun~~~?

Our Bana~
It was so nice to see you after so long.
Let’s meet again~

Bana we are very thankful and we love you ♥

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[UPDATE/TRANS] 131225 #B1A4 STAFF DIARY – B1A4’s Christmas Message

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1. Jinyoung:

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Merry BANA Christmas

I feel I get really excited every time Christmas approaches~ Should I describe it as something that feels like I’ve returned to being a child again? I feel like my heart turns white as I watch the snow~! However, our BANAs may slip on ice while having too much fun jumping around because it’s Christmas, so be careful! Don’t forget that safety always comes first!! Then spend a fun Christmas, and make good memories~ ^^ – From Jinyoungie ㅎㅎ

2. CNU

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To. BANA ♥

It’s already the third Christmas that we’re spending together. Although Christmas alone is meaningful, I feel like it has a different feeling due to the fact that it comes when the year comes to a close. Although spending a fun Christmas is important, I also think it’s important to plan ahead on how you will spend the next year after finishing this year up well. I hope our BANAs all spend a happy Christmas. -CNU-

3. Sandeul

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Give blessings on Christmas~ and love to Sandeullie!! I want to receive it!! Please throw hearts to me!! Ah, also!! Sleep with a stocking hung by your pillow today~ I will go into your dreams and give you a present that you won’t be able to forget!! Lalala~

4. Baro

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Exciting Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Warm Christmas!

I’ll pray that you will be able to make a lot of unforgettable memories with people that are special to you!

Ri~ng~ (T/N: he drew a bell)

5. Gongchan

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Bana~! Merry Christmas

It’s already the 3rd Christmas that we spend together! Who will you all be spending it with? B1A4? Friends? A boyfriend?! What do you think about spending this Christmas with your family? I heard that since each and every day is spent busily, the amount of time to converse and eat with family memories is decreasing….ㅠ.ㅠ Spend a comfortable and warm time with your family this Christmas, and talk about things that you weren’t able to usually~ I’ll have to spend it with the hyungs~ ♥ Merry Christmas everyone~!!

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