[GREET GONGCHAN] B1A4 Gongchan Global Video Birthday Project

tumblr_mohi2vrbdL1qc6b1jo1_1280Do you want to greet our beloved Gongchan but you can’t becauseyou’re literally thousands of miles away from him? Well, we’ve got the right thing for you!

Aim: We are all aware that B1A4 is not only well-known in Korea but also in many different countries across the globe. The aim of this video project is to greet B1A4’s maknae Gong Chan Sik in his upcoming birthday this 14th of August and tell him how much we love not only him but B1A4 with all our hearts.

We’ll make sure that the video will be seen by Gongchan!


1. Make a 7 to 10-second video clip of Greeting Gongchan “Happy Birthday Gongchan!” using your NATIVE LANGUAGE. (We recommend you not to say it in Korean if you’re not Korean!)

2. If you want to say something to Gongchan, do another 10 to 30-second message for him.
The admins will just pick certain messages from Banas. Make sure to show your sincerity and love for the boys. Also, kindly attach the english translation of what you said in the videos in your email so it’ll be easier to translate it in hangul for the subtitles.

3.Create a dropbox account and upload your clips there. After you’ve successfully uploaded your greetings, email the download links at B1A4Fighting@yahoo.com along with your Name, Age, Country and English Translation.

4.We will send you a confirmation message once we’ve received your videos.

Note: Deadline of Submission will be up until July 12, 2013

Thank You so much and we hope we could receive a lot of greetings from Banas ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Gongchan Birthday Project 2013
Brought to you by @B1A4Fighting and @B1A4Couple 


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