[TRANS] DBSK’s fancafe members posted an apology to B1A4 regarding sajaegi issue?


We acknowledge that B1A4’s sajaegi didn’t happen and we apologize.
We know that BANA’s and B1A4 got hurt because of what we wrote on articles without thinking.
Because of that issue, B1A4’s image has been damaged. We are really sorry.
We know that B1A4’s image won’t be turn back and it’s not easy to ease BANA’s anger and unfairity.
But we know that we were wrong and we hope that we can clear this misunderstanding at least.
If my idols are important to me, other’s idols are important to them as well.
We understand this saying once again.
We hope B1A4 will make a successful comeback on July 14.
It won’t happen again. I hope we will meet through good things.

(T/N: sajaegi means bought their own albums to raise the number of sales and because of this the B1A4 ended up with a bad reputation, even though it has been proven that they didn’t do this. In addition, It’s not an official apology. It could be just a rumour)

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/ok211/680V/915379?svc=cafeapp
Trans cr: deulizm @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com
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