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65 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. hi..I love your website. thanks for your amazing post and hard work

  2. Hi, I’m new bana from The Philippines 😊

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  4. i’m From Indonesia i support B1A4 and i hope B1A4 get popular day by day, and Bana get increase day by day too..keep support them..and happy 3rd to B1A4 n official_B1A4, keep updates uri boys. good luck!! fightingg!!^^

  5. Hi… ^^ im BANA fr Indonesia ~
    Thanks for your info about B1A4 ^^ 파이팅!! ♡

  6. hi:):) i am a bana from new zealand (but i am an indian) for 2 years now….

  7. My first impression of B1A4? I already fall in love with them without any impression, the fact is I LOVE B1A4!! Oppars, good luck for your career and stay healthy! I wish B1A4 will have a fantalk with BANA. Happy B1A4 3rd anniversary and thanks official_B1A4 for updating ~.~

  8. 3 years I known about B1A4, since I listen to the song was OK, I was immediately intrigued by their unique concept ^ ^
    when I first saw B1A4 I had difficulty remembering their names: D
    The 3rd birthday, I hope B1A4 and BANA always together, we can be together for 4 years …. 5 years ….. 6 years …… and keep going every year and B1A4 always healthy
    I also hope B1A4 to hold a concert in Indonesia again and won on music shows …
    let’s grow together ^ ^
    I LOVE B1A4 ❤
    SUCCESS for B1A4!!!!

    and for Official_B1A4, thank you so much you guys always give us information about B1A4, you always help me know the progress B1A4,
    you always friendly with BANA , always answer our questions. thanks a lot ^ ^

    I LOVE OFFICIAL_B1A4 ❤ !!!

  9. Hi, just a fan writing to find out if all is well with the band. Keep up the good work boys. You sound great!

  10. Happy 3rd anniversary for B1A4 and Official B1A4 ^^ I wish B1A4 will come back to Indonesia with the bigger concert than before, always be healthy and the best for you 🙂
    thanks to Official B1A4 for always updating all information about B1A4 🙂 fighting !!

  11. I just want to say you are incredible boy group in this time, i hope you can hold anythings what you have… Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4 and to Official B1A4 keep update and give us some information about B1A4!!! JJANG!!!

  12. Happy 3rd Anniversary! B1A4 jjang! Dan untuk officialb1a4 dan admin trma kasih sdh meluangkan waktu buat update-an B1A4 yg telah di berikan. Love 🙂

  13. Ayay! i alr know b1a4 since 2011, that’s mean. 3 years i became bana.
    Happy Annivesary B1A4!

    Hope u guys get more successfull, more happiness, and keep healty!
    Forever be a kiddos&dorks infront us.
    I dont know what will happen in the future, but u must know, i’ll forever support u no matter what!

    Happy Anniversary Official_B1A4
    Get more successful, happines, more popular, keep updates!
    My happiness is, when official_B1A4 or other fanbases updates about B1A4!
    Hope B1A4 will notice u soon!


  14. Happy 3rd Anniversary to B1A4 and my lovely fanbase (OfficialB1A4) ♡ I hope B1A4 get more success and OfficialB1A4 always give us an amazing updates 🙂

  15. Happy 3rd Anniversary ya 🙂
    Semoha B1A4 bisa datang lg ke Indonesia dan Official B1A4 bisa terus memberikan projek2 yg lebih keren di waktu yg akan datang nanti. Terima kasih buat info2 nya yg telah diberikan {}

  16. Selamat untuk B1A4 dan juga Official B1A4 yg merayakan hari jadi ke-3 ^^ semoga selalu sukses ya. Amin.
    Semoga B1A4 bisa balik ke Indonesia lagi secepatnya 🙂

  17. Hi i am from indonesia..and love b1a4 so much.. hope they will always together.. make a great songs and love bana forever. Happy 3rd anniversary dear

  18. OMG it’s really 3 Years with B1A4!! omg omg i’m bana for 3y! i can’t ………omg !
    i’m Fatmah from Saudi Arabia , i fall in love with b1a4 since 3 years , i know them in end of 2011 :’D my oppa is jinyoung and i ship jinchan ! lol i know that shinchan’s moment is more the jinchan but …… i still love him togather 🙂 blablabla .
    i wish B1A4 be togather for 1000,000,000 years Lol 😂
    i want to tell all the banas around the world that Arab Banas make B1A4 happy someday 🙂
    i wish B1A4 talk to us ! or open a fantalk in twitter? just to be happy in our 3 Years aniv 😉
    B1A4 will be a big thing day by day and i know that .
    faitghing ALL , be with our oppa’s forever , lets support them&give them all our love 🙂
    Fatmah Love ya all 😀

  19. 3 years in Music industry, proud of you guys. 3 years when i first know you(Cnu, Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, Gongchan) is so precious im so lucky to know B1A4 thats why, im so thankful to them, i can see their efforts for them to satisfy and can be proud of their fans and they really did well. I’M SO PROUD OF THEM. B1A4 i wish you guys just a Good health each one of you, its really important (esp. jinyoung why to skinny?) and i hope more years to come your stilll in the music industry . BE HAPPY ALWAYS B1A4. GOD BLESS. I LOVE YOU. I WILL ALWAYS BE A BANA 🙂

  20. I’m bana from Malaysia.^^ I hope they’ll remember me! I hope they’ll together forever! I hope they’ll happy forever! and… I hope they’ll follow back me!😂😂😂
    Love, June♥️

  21. its been 3 years guys. I love you! I love you more more and more everday.
    I’ll never leave this fandom, just remember that!
    I wish i can meet you guys. One thing tht i should do before die is I CAN MEET YOU GUYS.
    pls stay with us forever, bana always love you and always support you..ofc
    hmm i dunno wht to say but i love you guys! love love love!! especially gongchan!

    Gongchan oppa,you are my forever boyfriend. i dont need a real boyfie because i have you kkkk. i hope we can meet someday and pls come to my dream everynight

    yeah thats all. love you guys! love you bana!


    I’m a BANA from VIETNAM :).
    Although I just have known B1A4 for about half a year but I really in love with you guys 신 동 우, 정 진 영, 이 정 환, 차 선 우 , 공 찬 식 오 빠 ♥.

    I swear I will beside and support to you for at least 10 years more, so please believe in BANA and don’t hide your pain, we will hurt 😦

    Just bright like you have been so far, that’s enough for us ♥.
    I will always love you tomorrow more than today, my sunshine 🙂

  23. Happy 3rd aniverssary uri oppadeul^^ hi^^ im bana from indonesia a so proud to be a bana, everyday i always listen they song. I love sandeuls voice very much, i like gongchans face, i like sinus smile, i like baros joke and i like jinyoungs eyes. I love everything about them^^ *poor me* I hope b1a4 will come to my country….. i cant wait you…. miss you sandeulie♥♡ B1A4 lets fly to the sky, sandeul oppa lets fly to ma house wkwk cukhae oppadeul… cukhae banadeul…. saranghaeyo sandeul oppa:3

  24. Hi! I’m BANA from Indonesia♥. I hope B1A4 get more success and keep healthy. I love B1A4 very much♥ Especially BARO OPPA♥ Happy Anniversary 3 years~ OMG!!! I become a BANA for 3 years~ thank u so much 오ㅂ바 들~

  25. Happy B1A4 3rd Anniversary! More to go of course! B1A4 oppas, don’t let yourselves too tired. Rest more! Keep healthy! Eat more! Jinyoung you’re too thin 😔 and of course B1A4 to be more successful than the few years before.. Jinyoung good luck on writing songs! 😍 CNU, the dancing machine 😝 Sandeul the duck quack quack! Our main vocal.. Baro the rapper 😛 and of course our maknae ✌️ Good luck on everything. Banas are always here to support you guys 😘 be healthy! Love you all!

  26. I’m new BANA from Indonesia. But I love B1A4 for the first time I heard their song. Because I’m new, I never celebrate B1A4 anniversary before, and this year too. So, I hope next year, me and another BANA can celebrate their 4th anniversary.

    For B1A4 oppadeul, I hope they always together forever and success in their career. I will always support and love them like the other BANAs. I wish I can meet them although only once.

    CNU oppa, Jinyoung oppa, Sandeul oppa, Baro oppa and Gongchan oppa, I love you all

    Happy 3rd Anniversary for B1A4 from me and all BANA. See you next year in your next anniversary.

  27. Happy 3rd anniversarry to B1A4 and to all the BANAs!! I wish our lovely boys to continue to make great songs and to stay together forever!! Love of love from France ♥♥

  28. I say thanks to God, ’cause B1A4s born to the world esp my fangirling world.

    I wish, B1A4s still productive and make a good song for all ppl esp Bana.

    With luv, ghena angga.

  29. Happy 3rd Anniversary B1A4 We love you all and I’m si happy for you guys^^ First of all, thank you for making the BANAS happy by performing. I really love all your songs, performances and each one of you!! ❤ Always remember that we, the BANAS are always here to support you. Please take care of yourselves… Sandeul, I really love your voice and thank you because you inspires me… CNU, thank you for your efforts as the hyung of the group. I really appreciated that. Jinyoung, you're the best leader and Gongchan, stay cute hehehe… Baro, I love your rapping skills. I wish to all of you to be more scuccessful and more blessings. Let's Fly B1A4!! Fighting!! 😉

  30. Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4!!!
    Been supporting you guys since your first mini album. Its good to see that you guys have come a long way. From rookies to winning awards to being 1st place on music shows 🙂 so proud of you guys! :’)

    Jinyoung, continue to compose awesome songs!
    Cnu, continue to dance sexily!
    Sandeul, continue to EAT! 😡 haha
    Baro, continue to rap handsomely!

    Never forget that BANAs are always here to support you!
    Thanks for everything☺️
    진짜 고마워요 오빠들
    비원에이포 영원히!!!
    바나 ❤️ 비원에이포
    너무 사랑해요!
    비원에이포 좋아해요..
    -싱가포르 바나-

  31. I’m an Indonesian BANA ^^
    I can’t believe it’s already B1A4’s third year. I can’t express my feeling with words, but here’s what i’ll say.

    At first i didn’t even like kpop, and after hearing your songs at tv, wahh i fell in love at the first sight. I saw such happy and bright faces, even more brighter and happier now. I live faraway from you, but i can feel that we’re connected through your music.

    Jinyoung oppa the genius musician, CNU oppa the beautiful voice, Sandeul oppa the amazing singer, Baro oppa the rockest rapper, and Gongchan oppa the sweet voice. You guys make my day even more beautiful. And you motivate me to be a singer even when i give up. I want to say thankyou for that. Your music change me.

    Please be healthy and keep doing music. I know that you’ll last until your old days. No matter what i’ll always support you from here cause i’m a proud BANA! There are so much that i want to say, so please wait for me till i become your junior! I hope all your wishes will come true and do your best always!

    Thankyou once again for bringing colors to my life. You all are so amazing! Please keep motivate me even more so i can become a talented musician like you. At last, i’ll say that i love you so much forever and ever! Saranghae and don’t forget to wait me~! ^^

  32. Hiii oppa’ s
    happy 3rd anniversary..^^
    Im BANA from Indonesia .
    Be yourself and do not regret it !
    i want to meet you but i dont not have
    enough money .. 😳
    thank you for always doing the best for BANA .
    sandeul oppa dont not laugh too hard!
    but i like you because it 😃

  33. Happy 3rd anniversary to the sprout family! Jjang Jjang!!! I was automatically attracted to these namjas the first time I saw them. ‘Oh they are so cute and lovable’ I told myself. I have managed to catch up with them since I became a BANA a year after their debut. I saw their humble beginnings and pure talent which made me stick with them until now. To our B1A4, you have travelled the long road and we are so proud. Not just a group but also individually. I have no regrets of choosing you as my bias group. You have worked so hard for us and we thank you (90˚ bow for 10sec). No matter what, we will stick with you until end. As you continue on this road, I wish you all the best. This is really cliche but hey you deserve this. Saranghaeyo~!! Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan fighting!

  34. Happy 3rd Anniversary B1A4! I became BANA after a month or so of your 1st anniv. because of a friend who posted your group picture, the first time i saw your picture makes me want to know more about you and your musics and by the time i heard your songs, i easily got attached on it that it makes your songs my alarm tone, message tone, and ringing tone. Being BANA makes me feel so proud because of you guys, B1A4. W/out you, there will be no BANA at all. We, BANAs, will always support you guys! We love you and will always be. Have a good health and keep the friendship you’ve got. God bless B1A4! Hwaiting!

  35. B1A4 ~Happy 3rd year Anniversary~ 🎉 B1A4 = Bana, so we are always together~ 😚

  36. 엌~ 깜박했어~ 진영오빠~ 사랑해요~ 전 오빠를 제남친이라고 생각해요~ 오빠가 알든지 말든지 제맘에는 오빠는 내남친이다~ ㅋㅋ 😈 사랑해 내 할배 👴😚😚😚😚😚💕

  37. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Proud BANA from Canada~

    Love you~

  38. Hi. I’m baro’s fanboy from Indonesia. Nice to meet you. I’d like to say Happy 3rd Anniversary B1A4. I hope they will be more success than before


  39. Hi, Im Aubrey from Ph, I am a BANA for 5 months already, and I wish that B1A4 is still B1A4 until I am already 20 yeas old and that’s 7 years later. Then may B1A4 dominate the Kpop world and please send the boys here in the Philippines.. I’m dying to see them.. Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4! Saranghaeyo!

  40. Happy 3rd aniverssary!! I hope to continue to give us more than his talent and more fun and beautiful music with spectacular dances!! Fighting From Panama!! ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Seasons Guys!!!!

  41. Hi! I’m Filipino but I live in the United States right now. Int’l BANA haha… B1A4 is my bias group and the group that brought me to liking all of Kpop and the Korean Culture. I am a new fan… Even though I wich that I knew them earlier… I became a BANA in late 2013. But I very much support B1A4 and wish that they will receive a ton of Love from fans all around the world. B1A4 is the only grouo that can truly make me smile after having a gloomy day. B1A4 forever. BANA FOR LIFE. 비원에이포 화이팅!!! 망ㅎ이 사랑해주세요!!! ~민 희슬. 바나 >.<

  42. Hello BANA’s! Another proud BANA here from Philippines! Thanks to you admins for this guestbook 😀 Forever BANA 🙂 Happy for the 3rd year of “our” boys! Fighting! 😀

  43. HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY B1A4. I hope B1A4 will comeback to Indonesia and more more more handsome.. kekeke~

    bana follow me @intanriskinaa and i’ll follback you if you mention me.. thanks
    -bana from earth

  44. Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4! More success and good health for the 5 of you! We love yo so much~ Stay as you are cause you guys are amazing ❤ BANA LOVES B1A4…. B1A4 LOVES BANA~ 😀

  45. Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4 !!! I will always support and love you, I wish you gain more success than now and stay healthy ! I don’t have much to say… but I love you guys, really. >__< I miss you.

    It's your 3rd anniversary already… and you guys become more mature than before… when I play all MV from OK to Lonely… you can see B1A4 becoming more mature. But they still that dork boys behind the stage hehehe… (which I really love)

    I love you guys, Bana and B1A4 are amazing ! ❤

  46. Hi! I’m from Thailand ^ㅂ^. Happy Anniversary 3rd B1A4! I love them so much. I promise that i will support B1A4 always Because they so lovable and hard working for project or albums always. today i can smile all day because B1A4! ♥ I’ve been thinking about you guys and want to talk this words ‘i love you today i will don’t leave you tomorrow. Sure! i always love you. B1A4 대박! 나는 항상 B1a4을 사랑한다. 우리는 아직도 그들을 지지한다. ♥♡♥♡

    • Hi! I’m from Thailand ^ㅂ^.
      Happy Anniversary 3rd B1A4! I love them so much. I promise that i will support B1A4 always Because they so lovable and hard working for project or albums always. today i can smile all day because B1A4! ♥ I’ve been thinking about you guys and want to talk this words ‘i love you today i will don’t leave you tomorrow.’ Sure! i always love you. B1A4 대박! 나는 항상 B1a4을 사랑한다. 우리는 아직도 그들을 지지한다. ♥♡♥♡

  47. Happy 3rd anniversary!
    love from brazilian banas o<-<

  48. Thanks for this 3 years and hope we can love each other and please come to Indonesia again and have fun in here. Always love you and keep support you. And please comeback faster! 😀

  49. i am a new bana from indonesia. falling in love with them especially baro when i saw him at hello baby. and my favorite song is beautiful target. i am suprised knowing that the beautiful song lonely is made by jinyoung. i’m proud of them.. happy annyversary b1a4 3rd. i hope b1a4 always have a path for success and official_b1a4, keep fighting..!!!!

  50. Hi I’m bana from USA. nice to meet you

  51. Happy 3rd anniversary!
    Keep fighting!
    BTW. Im a Bana from Philippines!
    Just don’t give up
    We will always love you!

  52. Hiii I’m from Chile and I want to say HAPPY Anniversary to B1A4 And also to all the banas around the world !! ^^ ♥ be strong and fighting! ^^

  53. 벌써 B1A4오빠들이 3주년?!우와…시간 참 빠르다~영어로 못쓰는데…이거 영어로 바뀌나..?모르겠다 ㅋㅋ 잘자요 굿나잇 할 때 부터 알았는데…벌써 시간이 2년쯤 지났어요!!
    항상 작곡하느랴 리더일하느랴 힘든 진영오빠,동생들 보랴 보컬 하랴 힘든 신우오빠, 뮤지컬하랴 메인보컬이라 연습많이 해야하느라 힘든 산들오빠, 요즈음 연기하랴 랩하랴 힘든 바로오빠, 형들 따라가고 보컬연습하랴 힘든 공찬오빠! 그래도 우리 보면서 참고 잘 견뎌내고 있다고 해서 우리도 오빠들에게 참 고맙고 미안해요^^;사랑해요!!평생 함께해요~☆B1A4&BANA FOREVER☆

  54. Hello i’m bana from Indonesia. To be very honest i can’t get enough to make and share videos. I made all of them through B1A4 3rd anniversary.
    idk i was very happy for around 3 years just because those 5 flower boys. They are so precious i won’t let them spare i love all of them.
    thank you banas all of you are the best fangirls ever. You didn’t make fanwars or anything useless. I hope we can go till the end♡♡

  55. Happy 3rd anniversary B1A4♥ LET’S FLY B1A4 BANA FOREVER ♚
    비원에이포 ♥ BANA from Kuching.

  56. B1A4 오빠들, 축하해요와 사랑합니다!!

  57. Happy 3rd anniversary for B1A4 💟🎂🍰
    Back in 2011, B1A4 is the very first group who made me being a part of kpopers. I had no interest with KPOP before, until i found a unique new rookie named B1A4😍 they seems friendly and good persons, their songs are good to listen, and i claimed myself BANA after Jinyoung made a post on B1A4’s fancafe on 100 days after debut, (July 31st 2011) said the official fandom name is Bana. Oh wow, i’ve been being b1a4 fan for 3 years now!!
    I wish B1A4 will always more and more success, show the public you are one if the top groups in Korea! Don’t mind on butthurt fans who accuse you with bullshits…. Ah, i’ll always support you as a fan. Saranghae😍😘😙😗💖

  58. Saengil chukkae B1A4!! Happy 3rd anniversary~~ ♥ 🎂
    I’m BANA from Indonesia. Nice to meet you overseas BANA, let’s be friend 😀
    Thank you to all BANA who have supported B1A4 during this time. Especially to @Official_B1A4’s admins who are willing to take the time to continue provide the latest information about B1A4 to us. Jeongmal khamsahamnida 😀 *bow*
    Doesn’t feel already 3 years I know B1A4. Let’s give more love to B1A4 in the future BANA. Let’s work hard together! B1A4 BANA Fighting!! ♥ ^^

  59. Happy 3rd anniv to B1A4 and @official_b1a4 ♥♥♥
    I love you so much b1a4…
    And i thanked so much to @official_b1a4 who always give banas arround the world info about our lovely oppars.. and thx for the 3rd years wuth b1a4 and bana^^
    Thx so much~

    I wish b1a4 will be more awesome, more success, more everything >< and the most important thing is ALWAYS LOVE BANA WHATEVER WILL HAPPEND ^^

    For @official_b1a4 i wish you will be with b1a4 and banas yo the last..
    Always support our oppars..
    Always give bana information about b1a4♥
    And i hope you will get followback from jinyoung, cnu, sandeul, baro, gongchan, and also wm on twitter^^
    Ahh~ yeah! Thx for helding giveaway^^ i love this giveaway~ bcs it wont be spam on twitter^^ and its make banas creative….
    Thx @official_b1a4 ♥♥♥♥

    Indah woeppy~

  60. @official_b1a4 FIGHTING!!! 😀

  61. Happy 3rd aniv to B1A4 ^ o ^//
    btw i’m bana from indonesia ^^
    Kyaaa I love B1A4, especially baro Kyaaa
    thank you for giving information about B1A4 … it really helped me to know the latest news about B1A4 * bow
    @ Official_b1a4 fighting!! ^ O ^ / /

  62. happy 3rd anniv B1A4 oppadeul ^^ ….
    i’m Sylvia..bana from Indonesia…
    thanks for always giving information about B1A4 for us
    B1A4 .. Official_B1A4 hwaiting!!!

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