[NOTICE] B1A4’s Real-Time Live Twitter Mentioning Event

Hello, this is WM Entertainment.

We will be hosting a real-time live twitter mentioning event for B1A4’s comeback.

On July 14th, 10PM KST, you will have a chance to send and receive a mention from B1A4.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Tell a story about anything that happened BECAUSE you are solo (single/not in a relationship). or tell us your feedback about the SOLO DAY music video AND ask any member a question. That is all you have to do.

B1A4 Member Twitter Accounts:
Jinyoung :https://twitter.com/_jinyoung911118
CNU :https://twitter.com/B1A4_CNU
Sandeul :https://twitter.com/SANDEUL920320
Baro :https://twitter.com/BARO920905
Gongchan :https://twitter.com/B1A4_gongchan

Please participate, thank you.

source: b1a4.com
trans cr: choiyungjae
please take out with full credits!


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