[NEWS] B1A4, appearing in travel reality program.. 3rd runner of ‘One Fine Day’


B1A4 member are going to appear in a travel reality program.


Music channel MBC Music is going to produce and broadcast ‘One Fine Day’ travelogue of B1A4 members, who have gone on a trip to the southern coast of Korea before their comeback with ‘SOLO DAY’.


This program, which is a program that shows idol group planning and deciding all the schedule of their vacation plan and practice, starred SHINee as the first main character and ‘f(x)’ as the second, showing members’ secret vacation frankly.


Since B1A4 have never been on a vacation with their members after their debut in 2011, they have decided to go travelling together through ‘One Fine Day of B1A4’.


B1A4, who have been only looking forward with busy domestic and overseas schedules, have one-week surprise vacation before their comeback with mini-album in the middle of July. They are going on a trip by driving a camping car by themselves to the southern coast of Korea which they decided as their destination after many twists and turn.


B1A4 members are anticipated to attract audiences and fans that love music through their travel episode containing various charms of B1A4 members who have gone on a camping car trip to Tongyeang, Geoje, and Jeollanam-do.


B1A4’s wild skills at talking and cool images in the happening of their camping car trip and real selfies’ of members at accommodations are all going to be released through this program. The first broadcast will be on the coming 21st, 6 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “[NEWS] B1A4, appearing in travel reality program.. 3rd runner of ‘One Fine Day’

  1. Ah, can’t wait to see their reality show!!

  2. 21st july?? really?? cant wait >.<

  3. This is so awesome! I knew their world tour concept was “Road Trip”, but I didn’t expect them to go on a literal road trip for TV 🙂 I’m expecting a lot of cute and crazy ot5 moments~

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