[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4’s life graph – Jinyoung

# Jinyoung’s life graph: Positive king Jinyoung

Leader Jinyoung’s life graph was plain and simple. It is almost to the level in which even he can admit that he spent plain and simple childhood and when he was in middle school and high school. However, Jinyoung showed his talents as a leader starting from earlier times when he was voted as a vice president of his school when he was in 6th grade. Jinyoung said “I diligently promoted and appealed myself ever since I was little” and shared the tips of how he was chosen as a vice president. His outgoing personality also shines when he was in high school. He said it was plain and simple but Jinyoung not only has the elite experience of attending foreign language high school, but he also took part in various activities even before making a debut. In 2008, he has various experiences as a flower handsome boy and as an actor such as becoming the 1st place on picture vote on the homepage of Mnet ‘Flower Boys Terror Situation’ and appeared on various dramas as an extra and so on.

He shows off fancy experience of the time of before making the debut but Jinyoung picks the time after making debut as B1A4 as the real beginning of his life. Jinyoung said “I only have happy memories after making the debut” and added “Because of the rookie award and exclusive concert, my life graph is keep going up” and conveyed. Next, “1st place on ground wave music show! Casted on the movie ‘Miss Granny’! And also went much farther and became Triple Crown at the age of twenty four!” and actively described B1A4’s rise as if he was narrating a sports game. Jinyoung is getting lots of love with ‘Lonely’ but he is also spending happy times with the success of ‘Miss Granny’. He even held a free hug event on February 13th to celebrate the crowd who watched the movie going over 5 million. Jinyoung said “It is my first movie debut work and it feels unreal but I am still happy at the same time since the movie is doing well” and added “I think it was all made possible because of good senior casts and staff members. I will be trying harder. I thank everyone who loved the movie. Please look at me positively” and have a case of sharing his feelings about the success of a movie.

The only tough memory that Jinyoung could think of was having to wake up early when he was little. Jinyoung said “It was so hard waking up early when I was going to school” and reminisced the time when he was little. However, he is now the member of an idol group who busily holds activities while even sacrificing the time to sleep. It makes it possible to assume how much and what kind of efforts Jinyoung made so far. We could look at Jinyoung’s sides as a positive king at the same time. He might have faced lots of frustrating moments through lots of experiences but Jinyoung did not pull out tough memories. He said “I think in positive ways a lot so I do not look back at tough moments often” and added “What path will I be taking after the life graph now? I cannot know it yet~” and conveyed positive and excited minds at the same time.

source: naver starcast

re-up cr: lemoned @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com

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