[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4′s life graph – Sandeul

# Sandeul’s life graph: Immortal Sandeul

Just like what is felt from the phrase ‘We became 1st place1♥’ that is full of cuteness, Sandeul’s life graph shows steepness and looks like it is showing B1A4’s flourishing moments and happiness. Especially, Sandeul’s personal career is shown intensively on his life graph so his life can be seen all at once.

Sandeul was someone with outstanding talents as he became 1st place with everything he does. He was weak when he was little so was bullied by friends but he overcame all this with exercises such as Taekwondo and swimming and so on. Afterwards, he became 1st place on Inline skating competition and showed talents on exercising and got awards in various song festivals with his singing that he began when he was 17 years old. He even got the grand award in ‘2010 Korea youth song festival’. And 1st place on B1A4 for sure. However, there is something that Sandeul did not become 1st place. Sandeul said “I studied hard when I was in middle school but it was not that fun” and shared his honest opinion towards studying.

What Sandeul mentioned most often in the life graph was KBS2 ‘Immortal Song- Singing The Legend’. Sandeul chose ‘How To Live Like A Man’, ‘Forgotten Season’, in which he sang for the first time as a solo, and ‘Woman in the Rain’ in which he sang as a duet with Choi Min Soo as the most memorable performances. The best performance was no doubt ‘I am a Candle Before You’, the song that became a champion by singing solo, and Sandeul also expressed happy emotion by writing ‘Yoohoo~♥’ on his life graph.


He also spent the best times appearing on various music programs with ‘Lonely’ but Sandeul also drew ‘Slump cloud in which I frequently fall’. Sandeul said “I fall into slump often after I started learn to sing” and added “There are lots of problems in which I cannot solve alone and I think one of those is the slump” and shared his worries. He said “So whenever I fall into slump, I think I organize my own various thoughts while getting advice from people around me so that I can get out from the slump as soon as possible” and conveyed his own ways to overcome the slump.

source: Naver Starcast

re-up cr: lemoned @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com

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