[ENG/TRANS] Naver STARCAST B1A4′s life graph – Gongchan

# Gongchan’s life graph: Detailed and cute youngest

Gongchan drew the life graph in a most cute way out of all five members. He wrote down the memory of scooping water out due to the flood when he was a trainee, the memory of spending first birthday with B1A4 members and even shooting for the first profile picture and shared his precious memory pieces. There were also slumps when he was a trainee but Gongchan said “I thought hard about whether it is it really right and whether I will be really able to do well. But even then, I talked a lot with the members and we managed to make it through as we helped each other” and looked back.

In Gongchan’s life graph, there are B1A4’s promotion songs and Gongchan’s personal activities written down in detail. Including the first debut stage being MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, there are the titles of songs such as ‘Beautiful Target’, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Baby Good Night’, ‘What’s Happening’ and ‘Lonely’ and so on all written down. The rookie award, the moment of candidate as 1st place for the first time with the song ‘Tried to Walk’, becoming 1st place with ‘What’s Happening’ for the first time, first exclusive concert, 1st fan club opening ceremony and Amazing Store concert and so on and showed the detail of even writing the title of the concert. To this, decorating with various stars and hearts is a must! Just like the youngest member, he was full of cute behaviors. Especially, Gongchan remembered the moment of becoming 1st place for the first time and said “I honestly did not know that we are 1st place but I was so surprised that they nominated us as 1st place. We were so happy that we hugged, cried and cheered in the waiting room. There were lots of emotions. I gathered with the members in the evening and said that it looks like this award means that we should keep trying harder and encouraged” and revealed.

To Gongchan, who only looked like he will be lively, there were also painful moments. Gongchan got kidney removal surgery in 2012 and had to take a break. Gongchan said “The fans worried a lot but I am healthy and strong now so do not worry and I am okay. I am always grateful” and relieved the fans. The mind of Gongchan thinking about the fans was to the maximum.

When talking about first exclusive concert, Gongchan said “I wanted to hold each and every fan in my eyes. Wow~” and expressed his love towards the fan club BANA to the full extent. In addition, he said “I think we were able to become 1st place due to the fans. We will be B1A4 who tries much harder from now on to the future. Please keep showing love towards us” and also added “Even when there are moments in which we are stagnant or have a break time, we will not let those moments become a slump, but instead the days in which we get better” and made a resolution towards activities in the future.

source: Naver Starcast

re-up cr: lemoned @ officialb1a4.wordpress.com

please take out with full credits!


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