[DONATE] ★CNU’s Birthday Project★ For Overseas BANAs

★★ CNU’s Birthday Project for Overseas Bana ★★

By FLYB1A4 , WEHEARTB1A4, B1A4latino, and Official_B1A4

Hello BANAs,

CNU’s birthday is coming up soon!!!

We from FLYB1A4 , WEHEARTB1A4, B1A4latino, and OFFICIAL B1A4 have a project for CNU’s 22th Birthday and will cooperate with Korean fansite. This is project from us for our beloved Shin Dong Woo. This project is to show that BANA’s love around the world could be gathered as 1 sweet love^^

We here will be sending CNU some gifts and birthday’s cake. But to make this project happen we would really like it if you can help us. Don’t you want to make an unforgetable present for CNU? So come on join us, join our project.


How to join this project?

1. Donate :

  • For Overseas BANA :

Official_B1A4’s paypal email : aprillya092031@gmail.com

Contact twitter id : @aprillya_eka

Kakaotalk id       : aprillya406

2. Once you have send/transfer the donations, Please send us an email with the following form with [ 2013 CNU BIRTHDAY PROJECT – DONATIONS ] as subject of email.

Name : 

Contact : (Email/Twitter)

Country : 

Date/Time of transfer : 

Paypal account email:

Amount transferred : ( Please state currency as well )

Screencap of the transaction : ( Please attach a photo )

Gifts suggestions : ( If any )

SEND EMAIL TO  : officialb1a4@hotmail.com


For further information, question or comments please contact us and we will reply back to you as soon we can. ^^ THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


All admin  ^^

Project For Indonesian BANAs click here


4 thoughts on “[DONATE] ★CNU’s Birthday Project★ For Overseas BANAs

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  2. waah~
    i hope lots of people can support~ ^^

  3. If I don’t have paypal…do I have another way to join it?

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