[LYRICs][romanji] B1A4 “Beautiful Lie” (1st Japan Album)

a rose, a perfume, I love it all of yours
your lips, your cheeks, I love it all of yours
a rose, a perfume, I love it all of yours
I love it, all of yours, everything

uh nun-eul gam-assda tteossda
niga boyeossda eobsda neoleul galyeobeolin ibyeol-ilan nom-i
nan jigeum neomuna miwo juggessda
gakkeum nado moleuge son-iga
son-iga nibeonho-e son-iga belsoliga deullijigaanhguna

Ima me wo tojite iru no ni
Kimi ga mi hikitomeru kokoro ni namida
hitotsu ni nareta futari ga kanashi sugiru yo
Nanimokamo ga tsurai

Oh beautiful Lie subete ga uso ni kawaru
Oh beautiful Lie kimi shika nai Tonight
Mune ga atsukute yume ga kowarete
Yoru ga doko ka e ai o tsurete yuku no sa

achim-e haegatteugo bam-e dal-itteumyeon mwohae
na jagoil-eonamyeon kkum-igileul balae
yeojeonhi jijeobunhan meoli
jijeogwineun saedeulmajeo haneun mal-i
neo neomu mosnass-eo
mamcheoleom doemyeon nado johgess-eo

Uh itsu datte ore dake mi
Ha… Konna kangae bakari

Mada omoidenidekinai
Kimi no nukumori
Nuguenai yasashī namida
Kotoba de nanka nannimo tsutawaranai yo baby

Oh beautiful Lie subete ga uso ni kawaru
Oh beautiful Lie kimi shika nai Tonight
Mune ga kawaite yume ga yaburete

Yoru ga tooku e kimi o tsurete yuku no sa
Kimi wa ima
Doko ni iru?
Boku wa naze
Koko ni iru?

**Oh Beautiful Lie
Oh Beautiful Lie


Source: http://jsunshine.tistory.com/34
Romanization: Sica@flightb1a4.com
Translation: Mochi Muffins@flightb1a4.com


팬분들 얘기듣고 연습끝난후 산책할겸 걸어서 가봤어요^^ 늘 함께 해주는 것만으로도 감동인데 이렇게 제 생일까지 기억해줘서 정말 고마워요. 역시 바나는 감동꾸러미~!

After hearing about it from fans, I took a visit and walked over there after practice ended ^^ I’m touched just from the fact that you’ve always been by my side but to remember my birthday like this too, really thank you. As expected, BANAs are really touching~!

trans. cr; susan @ b1a4trans ; take out with full credits

via; aviateb1a4

B1A4 expands concert open seats to 10,000

B1A4 consoles the heart of fans who missed to get tickets for the first solo concert after debuting which were sold out in 5 minutes.

B1A4 started the advance ticket purchase on the 18th October for their first solo concert after debuting. However, because of simultaneous 75000 log-ins, all 8000 tickets are sold out in 5 minutes to the extent that the fans who could not buy the ticket showered requests for additional open seat tickets.

Consequently, B1A4 decided to add space for the  additional seats while finalizing the stage design.

Currently, B1A4 is planning various events to repay the warm support of fans. It is rumored that the members are to meet the fans for backstage date and prepare a special event for a single fan.

Apart from the events, many people are also interested whether or not they will keep their promise. In an interview, when talking about their first concert, they publicly claimed to cross-dress, shower on stage and other unexpected ideas. Whether they will really satisfy fan’s expectation attracted attention.

Affiliate WMEntertainment requested fans’ anticipation for B1A4 who gained solid fan base in 1year and 6 months and they are planning to perform different stages and various events as well as showing ‘everything-in-one gift set’-like charisma.

Meanwhile, B1A4 is planning to meet around 10,000 audience for the additional open seat and the first solo concert after debut will be held for 2 days on 8th to 9th December at SK Olympic Handball Stadium.

Article Credits: bnt news + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: 1wsh @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

Via: dkpopnews.net