Vol. 11 If you had one night to do whatever you wanted to, what would you do……!?

Q: If you say B1A4, then you can always think of a unique dance that is always talked about. Please tell us one of the points in your “Oyasumi good night -Japanese ver.-”

[Jinyoung] The key dance in “Oyasumi good night” is the “cute playboy dance”.

[Baro]“Cute playboy dance” = wave dance! You can dance it with a dance team, it is a fun dance that everyone would want to copy after watching so I think it is a dance that everyone could easily have fun doing!

[Jinyoung] You move your hips in circle during the <Who~ Who~ Who~> part of the chorus and it is supposed to express the cute playboy’s behavior of feeling guilty towards his girlfriend but still wants to go out to play!

[CNU] A point is to move your hips with the gaze of a playboy (laugh).



Q: So the dance moves this time aren’t the important thing, but also your facial expression.

[Jinyoung] Yes! The “cute playboy dance” is complete when you have both of them combined.

[Sandeul] You act as a “little sneaky boy” while dancing this. That’s why, the most important thing, is the playboy feel. It’s not complete without it!!

[Gongchan] And in order to emphasize that, you need to dance it with the mazimum sexiness.

 Q: If that is the case, does that mean we are able to see everyone’s maximum sexiness while they dance this?

[Sandeul] (completely being a playboy) Of course! I think that within the members, you can feel that I am the sexiest!

[CNU] (immediately replies) I don’t think so~ (laugh).

[Gongchan] You are different from your usual self and are cool, but I don’t think that you’re the sexiest…… (laugh).

[Baro] If you say sexy, it’s me isn’t it!?

[Jinyoung] No it’s me!


[Jinyoung] Then let’s have the audience who sees us dance choose who is the sexiest!

[Baro] Yeah. I think that’s good! Let’s have the fans choose~!

Q: Sandeul, is that fine?

[Sandeul] I’m fine with that~. ‘Cause I’m probably the sexiest~.

[Everyone] Okay, okay~ (laugh).

[Jinyoung] It’s important to think of yourself as sexy like that in the song (laugh).

Q: But if someone who is usually bright and innocent shows a sexy expression, I think that many people’s heart will pound faster at the gap.

[Gongchan] Ahh~ gaps (laugh).

[Jinyoung] If that’s the case, then I think that can be said about all of the members, not only Sandeul.

Q: That’s true. It was very fresh seeing a different expression from everyone. By the way, was the hip spinning dance hard?

[CNU] We have to move our balance from front to back and had to dance while moving our hips so it was a little hard? But we were able to master it instantly. Also there’s a dance during the <Good night~> part of the song where we spin our hands in circles and this one is an easy movement to do, so I think you can have more fun while watching “Oyasumi good night” if you listened to it and copied us!

Q: So if you master this dance, then as a boy or even a girl, your popularity (with the opposite gender) can rise!

[Baro] There is a guarantee that you will be popular!

[Jinyoung] Although it might only be an instant (laugh).

[Gongchan] If you’re talking about gaps, then I think it would be really good!

Q: Then tell us the point in how to master singing “Oyasumi good night”.

[CNU]This song is a comfortable song with a mixture of falsettos and natural voices, but I think you would do just fine if you pay attention to the shifting of the falsettos and natural voices between the chorus and verses!

[Sandeul] Of course to completely become a playboy! Especially at the climax of the song, if you sing it while acting as if you are really cheating, then I think you can enact the feeling of this song!

[Baro] This song isn’t a song with a difficult melody line or high notes, so I think you would be okay if you kind of just hum along with it~!

[Gongchan] At karaoke, I would definitely want everyone to have fun singing this while dancing to the chorus!

Q: It’s inevitable to get excited then!

[Jinyoung] I think the more people that there are singing it, the more excitement there would be!

Q: Alright. At last, there was a part in the lyrics of the song of “Oyasumi good night” where you say <Only escaping for one night> but if you had one night to yourself, what do you want to do?

[Jinyoung] I would like to watch all DVD’s of movies I wasn’t able to watch then go out and shop, and eat good food. Then I would like to go to Namsan Tower to appreciate the night view of Seoul.

Q: You have a really tight schedule.

[Jinyoung] Yes. Because we don’t get a lot of breaks, I would like to do whatever I can’t usually do however I want!

[Sandeul]  I want to stay up all night watching movies while eating popcorn and drinking cola.

[CNU]I also want to watch a movie. I used to watch movies while pausing is it every 10~20 minutes, but then I wasn’t moved by it that much after watching it like the……(force smile). We were not able to properly watch a movie in a theater after our debut so if I have the time, I would like to go watch a movie in the theater.

Q: What kind of plot do you prefer?

[CNU] I don’t like horror, so anything besides that.

[Sandeul] I wouldn’t want to watch a horror movie that night either. If I stayed up all night watching horror movies, I think I would throw up all of the popcorn that I ate from getting too scared.

[Everyone] (laugh)

Q: I can kind of imagine that scene (laugh).

[Gongchan] As we said before, Sandeul hyung isn’t sexy (laugh).

[Jinyoung] After all, he is life’s sitcom!

Q: Then what about Baro?

[Baro] I want to go to a live café and drink some tea while watching a concert.

[Sandeul] That’s cool~!

[Baro] Right!? Because I’m sexy (laugh).



Q: What about Gongchan?

[Gongchan] I would like to walk in a city that has a nice night view and that is quiet while listening to music. And I would like some time to reflect on the things that I have done so far.

[Everyone] Kyaa––!!

[Sandeul] Isn’t Gongchan the sexiest?

[Baro] He’s romantic rather than sexy!

[Jinyoung] Rather than a romanticist, a narcissist!? (laugh) Either way, my heart pounded the most as Gongchan’s answer (laugh).


source: ORICON

trans cr and via: kouko @ AVIATEB1A4




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