[NEWS] B1A4 Opens Extra Tickets for Exclusive Concert


To meet demand, B1A4 opened an extra batch of tickets on October 31 for its upcoming concert.

Fans had been continuously sending in requests for other ways to attend the concert ever since all tickets sold out just five minutes after they were made available.

When extra seats were secured by the staff after confirming the stage design, WM Entertainment and CJ E&M decided to open up those extra seats for fans.

In the meantime, the members have been preparing many events to live up to the great expectations. It previouslypassed out flyers in animal costumes to students on the street, and most recently it announced it will invite one fan on a backstage date. The lucky winner will be announced on the day of the concert, and anyone attending the concert that day can be the one.

Fans are also looking forward to whether the members will keep the promises they made for their concert. In an interview, the B1A4 members said they will dress up like girls or stand under showers of water onstage to celebrate their first exclusive concert.

B1A4 has been paving a smooth way in K-Pop with its friendly and unique image. After managing to gather a strong fanbase just a year and a half since its debut, it managed to confirm its first exclusive concert and sell out all its tickets. The concert, BABA B1A4, will be not only about B1A4′s hits, but also about new performances and events.

BABA B1A4 will be held from December 8 to 9, with a total of 10,000 fans.

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B1A4, Park Jungmin, A-JAX and more in this week’s Oricon rankings

It’s calm in this week’s Oricon charts as not that many releases by Korean artists can be found. Rather than new releases such as B1A4, Park Jungmin and A-JAX’s new releases, it’s mostly earlier released singles and albums keeping a steady place in this week’s charts. 

Today’s daily single ranking, however, has Park Jungmin’s debut release “Tonight’s the Night” listed. Released under the alias Romeo, his single got to the 10th spot. DSP Entertainment’s boy group A-JAX revealed their second Japanese single on the same day. The Japanese version of “Hot Game” made it to the 24th place.

B1A4’s first full length album “1” reach the top five at a fifth spot. Their first album sold 20,547 copies since its release one week ago.

The next coming weeks include releases by various other artists including 2PM (11/14), Girls’ Generation (11/21), MYNAME (11/21), and FT Island (11/28) among others.

Daily Single
10. Romeo/Park Jungmin – Tonight’s the Night (10/31)
24. A-JAX – Hot Game (10/31)
28. KARA – Electric Boy (10/17)

Weekly Single
03. KARA – Electric Boy (10/17) 7,440 copies
30. BEAST – Midnight (10/17) 3,078 copies
36. SHINee – Dazzling Girl (10/10) 2,051 copies

Daily Album
14. KARA – Pandora (10/31) 

Weekly Album
05. B1A4 – 1 (10/24) 20,547 copies
19. TVXQ – Catch Me (09/27) 3,874 copies Korean Release

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Source: Single (Daily & Weekly), Album (Daily & Weekly)

Credits: koreaboo.com




Vol. 11 If you had one night to do whatever you wanted to, what would you do……!?

Q: If you say B1A4, then you can always think of a unique dance that is always talked about. Please tell us one of the points in your “Oyasumi good night -Japanese ver.-”

[Jinyoung] The key dance in “Oyasumi good night” is the “cute playboy dance”.

[Baro]“Cute playboy dance” = wave dance! You can dance it with a dance team, it is a fun dance that everyone would want to copy after watching so I think it is a dance that everyone could easily have fun doing!

[Jinyoung] You move your hips in circle during the <Who~ Who~ Who~> part of the chorus and it is supposed to express the cute playboy’s behavior of feeling guilty towards his girlfriend but still wants to go out to play!

[CNU] A point is to move your hips with the gaze of a playboy (laugh).



Q: So the dance moves this time aren’t the important thing, but also your facial expression.

[Jinyoung] Yes! The “cute playboy dance” is complete when you have both of them combined.

[Sandeul] You act as a “little sneaky boy” while dancing this. That’s why, the most important thing, is the playboy feel. It’s not complete without it!!

[Gongchan] And in order to emphasize that, you need to dance it with the mazimum sexiness.

 Q: If that is the case, does that mean we are able to see everyone’s maximum sexiness while they dance this?

[Sandeul] (completely being a playboy) Of course! I think that within the members, you can feel that I am the sexiest!

[CNU] (immediately replies) I don’t think so~ (laugh).

[Gongchan] You are different from your usual self and are cool, but I don’t think that you’re the sexiest…… (laugh).

[Baro] If you say sexy, it’s me isn’t it!?

[Jinyoung] No it’s me!


[Jinyoung] Then let’s have the audience who sees us dance choose who is the sexiest!

[Baro] Yeah. I think that’s good! Let’s have the fans choose~!

Q: Sandeul, is that fine?

[Sandeul] I’m fine with that~. ‘Cause I’m probably the sexiest~.

[Everyone] Okay, okay~ (laugh).

[Jinyoung] It’s important to think of yourself as sexy like that in the song (laugh).

Q: But if someone who is usually bright and innocent shows a sexy expression, I think that many people’s heart will pound faster at the gap.

[Gongchan] Ahh~ gaps (laugh).

[Jinyoung] If that’s the case, then I think that can be said about all of the members, not only Sandeul.

Q: That’s true. It was very fresh seeing a different expression from everyone. By the way, was the hip spinning dance hard?

[CNU] We have to move our balance from front to back and had to dance while moving our hips so it was a little hard? But we were able to master it instantly. Also there’s a dance during the <Good night~> part of the song where we spin our hands in circles and this one is an easy movement to do, so I think you can have more fun while watching “Oyasumi good night” if you listened to it and copied us!

Q: So if you master this dance, then as a boy or even a girl, your popularity (with the opposite gender) can rise!

[Baro] There is a guarantee that you will be popular!

[Jinyoung] Although it might only be an instant (laugh).

[Gongchan] If you’re talking about gaps, then I think it would be really good!

Q: Then tell us the point in how to master singing “Oyasumi good night”.

[CNU]This song is a comfortable song with a mixture of falsettos and natural voices, but I think you would do just fine if you pay attention to the shifting of the falsettos and natural voices between the chorus and verses!

[Sandeul] Of course to completely become a playboy! Especially at the climax of the song, if you sing it while acting as if you are really cheating, then I think you can enact the feeling of this song!

[Baro] This song isn’t a song with a difficult melody line or high notes, so I think you would be okay if you kind of just hum along with it~!

[Gongchan] At karaoke, I would definitely want everyone to have fun singing this while dancing to the chorus!

Q: It’s inevitable to get excited then!

[Jinyoung] I think the more people that there are singing it, the more excitement there would be!

Q: Alright. At last, there was a part in the lyrics of the song of “Oyasumi good night” where you say <Only escaping for one night> but if you had one night to yourself, what do you want to do?

[Jinyoung] I would like to watch all DVD’s of movies I wasn’t able to watch then go out and shop, and eat good food. Then I would like to go to Namsan Tower to appreciate the night view of Seoul.

Q: You have a really tight schedule.

[Jinyoung] Yes. Because we don’t get a lot of breaks, I would like to do whatever I can’t usually do however I want!

[Sandeul]  I want to stay up all night watching movies while eating popcorn and drinking cola.

[CNU]I also want to watch a movie. I used to watch movies while pausing is it every 10~20 minutes, but then I wasn’t moved by it that much after watching it like the……(force smile). We were not able to properly watch a movie in a theater after our debut so if I have the time, I would like to go watch a movie in the theater.

Q: What kind of plot do you prefer?

[CNU] I don’t like horror, so anything besides that.

[Sandeul] I wouldn’t want to watch a horror movie that night either. If I stayed up all night watching horror movies, I think I would throw up all of the popcorn that I ate from getting too scared.

[Everyone] (laugh)

Q: I can kind of imagine that scene (laugh).

[Gongchan] As we said before, Sandeul hyung isn’t sexy (laugh).

[Jinyoung] After all, he is life’s sitcom!

Q: Then what about Baro?

[Baro] I want to go to a live café and drink some tea while watching a concert.

[Sandeul] That’s cool~!

[Baro] Right!? Because I’m sexy (laugh).



Q: What about Gongchan?

[Gongchan] I would like to walk in a city that has a nice night view and that is quiet while listening to music. And I would like some time to reflect on the things that I have done so far.

[Everyone] Kyaa––!!

[Sandeul] Isn’t Gongchan the sexiest?

[Baro] He’s romantic rather than sexy!

[Jinyoung] Rather than a romanticist, a narcissist!? (laugh) Either way, my heart pounded the most as Gongchan’s answer (laugh).


source: ORICON

trans cr and via: kouko @ AVIATEB1A4